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  2. Rolando Lucero Villalobos

    To learn something new

    Hey Michael, I can help. Look me up on Facebook.
  3. Last week
  4. Michael Adams Atoms

    To learn something new

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to go one on one with me to teach me some or a lot of asl. Haven't become accustomed to the site yet. Figured I'd give a try at finding someone that can help me with what a specific movement means if anything. - Michael
  5. Hi everyone! The names Leah and I am a ITP college graduate looking for someone who can challenge my asl skills. While I do work in the interpreting field I just need different people who have different signing skills. So if you feel like you are up for it, give me a shout! I’ll be happy to hear from ya.
  6. Emily :D

    College ASL Study Buddy Wanted!

    Hey there, fellow ASL enthusiasts! I have to delete this account due to some bugs. But, I'll create a new one and post a similar message again. Thanks!
  7. Kewl6iX

    ASL Updated

    🤣Hello my name is Paul... I am in deaf relationship.... We are CHEFS.... Her triumphs are amazing and everyday I am very proud of her.... However being not deaf I can see how others still treat her as different.... I hate it it makes me want to smash them up.... So I've been on a personal quest to find an updated asl.... It seems behind the times and very dehuminizing.... Some of the signs are well they make her look like something she is not.... Am I wrong to want this for her a more professional ASL?
  8. Christina Avalos

    ASL practice buddy wanted!

    Hey guys! I am on Pacific time as well and there are many times throughout the day where I can practice! Do you all have skype or google hangouts?
  9. Christina Avalos


    I'm using Signing Naturally but I'm in my 1st semester - Units 1-6
  10. Jill Stephenson

    Need ideas for a class

    Thank you!! I will definitely check this out!
  11. Kathleen

    ASL Beginner

    Hi. I am also new to this site as well. I am from Michigan. ASL recently spark my interest in wanting to learn more. Learning from downloadable apps help me out a bit. However, I feel like that isn't quite enough to further my learning. I'm planning on going back to school to major in ASL. For a newbie in wanting to learn ASL, what are some suggestions, advice, and ideas I should follow up on.
  12. farmstrong

    ASL practice buddy wanted!

    It may work, Emily! What time (Pacific) are you available to practice? My husband works 2nd shift for the time being, so I'm available until about 7pm Pacific time!
  13. Hello there, fellow ASL enthusiasts! I am currently taking ASL 1 in college, and would love a study buddy. There aren't many close by deaf communities, and am looking to apply the knowledge I learn. Would anyone be interested? I am on the Pacific Time Zone if that helps.
  14. Emily :D

    ASL practice buddy wanted!

    Hello there! I'm currently taking ASL in college and would love to study with you, but I am on the Pacific Time Zone. I'm not sure if it would work out.
  15. farmstrong

    ASL practice buddy wanted!

    Hello! I took a semester of ASL in college about 7 years ago and found it to be SO fulfilling. After thinking about it for years, I've decided that I want to pick it back up and hope to eventually become fluent! I'm currently quite rusty, but found that I latched onto the language with relative ease when I was first introduced. Anyone out there want to chat with a rusty beginner (who also happens to be a fast learner)? I'm on Eastern time if that helps!
  16. V.Eddie Parker

    ASL Video Chat Hangout And Practice


    This is a great idea. I will let my class know about this event
  17. V.Eddie Parker

    ASL Online Practice Buddy?

    Hi, I just started ASL 1, I would love to participate in a ASL video chat room until I feel comfortable with joining a formal group. I have always been fascinated with ASL but never had the opportunity to learn the language. I recently re-entered the workforce on a part-time bases working with stroke victims as a Developmental Specialist with a local heath care agency who in turn suggested that I enroll in the ASL program at our local county community college. I'm having a great time and I feel that this would be a giant step toward acclimating myself with the Deaf community. Looking forward to simply saying "hello"😊
  18. CaleanWsh

    Learning for my Hubby

    My husband (I'll call him Kethern) has severe hearing loss. It's getting worse; to the point that he doesn't hear speech or sounds very well (if at all). He has begun to isolate himself from me and people at work. I have started making different signs to him, like you, me, talk, drink, come here, look, stop, deaf (I don't know the HOH sign) and other simple words/signs. Some are from the ALS vocabulary, some are just ones that I have made up on my own. I have talked to him on several occasions about learning ALS, but he is resistant. When I start talking about it, he starts doing something else, turns away from me so that he can't see me or just plain old ignores me. He has accepted that he is HOH. As a matter of fact, he is helping me cope with my age related hearing loss. (It isn't too bad yet, only higher frequencies are hard to hear.) I want to be able to communicate with him again. To be able to talk to him after he has removed his aids. (Without them he is nearly deaf.) To talk to him across a room. To tell him about my day, to have him tell me about his day. Just to talk. I am very new to ASL. I know some of the finger spelling and a few of the signs, but most of what I use is made up. I want to learn. I want "Kethern" to learn. How do I learn? How do I get him to WANT to learn? Thanks for listening. CW
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  20. penncil

    Need ideas for a class

    Hi Jill, I'm not sure about games or activities as I'm just starting out with ASL myself, but Gallaudet is an ASL font. There are a few other free ones on this site (https://www.fontspace.com/category/sign%20language) but I think Gallaudet is easiest to read. Best with your class!
  21. Jill Stephenson

    Need ideas for a class

    Hi, I am an intervention specialist and love sign language. Over the years, I've taken a variety of different classes related to sign language, including two years of ASL instruction. I rarely have gotten to use my skills on a consistent basis and, therefore, am somewhat rusty. This year at school, I am teaching a 4 week enrichment class to 7th/8th grade students on basic sign language. It is a lot of fun and the kids are really enjoying it. A couple of things I am looking for are games or more active activities I can do with the kids and I'm wondering if there is an ALS font I could find and download on my computer--similar to other fonts (Times New Roman, Comic Sans, Arial...), but what I type in on the computer would appear on my screen in the sign alphabet. Anyone have any hints/ideas for either of these things? Thank you!
  22. ozdust9

    Canadian ASL learner

    Hello everyone. I'm Stacey, 30 years old and Canadian! I was 1st introduced to ASL when I was about 8 and my mother signed up for an interpreter course I helped her study and learned quite a bit but she got sick and didn't finish the course. A few years ago I was working at my local YWCA and we had a regular hard of hearing client. I knew a few signs and was able to finger spell some things but decided I should start learning again. I have tried Memerise (not great course options) and follow some great pages on Facebook, but would really like to practice with people. I have tried teaching my husband some signs but he's having trouble picking it up since I don't know enough to sign constantly. I have recently come across some PSE videos and am having trouble with the different structure. I am very involved in musical theatre & choir, I love planning games nights and escape rooms with friends, and enjoy genealogy, reading, and photography. Looking forward to exploring this group and meeting people!
  23. Axel

    Holiday Greeting

    The video recording is not working for me and it won't let me upload my own recording so let me know if you'd like to see this translation signed. Let me know what you think of this translation: now, here, we dif-dif-dif embrace/love, world connections celebrate. Hope always stay. Happy Holidays... etc. It's a little abstract but I think it demonstrates the conceptual/visual nature of ASL and conveys the message appropriately.
  24. Axel

    ASL Online Practice Buddy?

    I would also like to chat sometime! I would consider myself an intermediate (maybe advanced? I don't want to get big headed) signer and have taken four semesters at my school - I also plan on entering an ITP after I finish undergrad. Do you have Glide?
  25. ndaigle10

    NEED Practice With ASL

    hi im shawn I like to sign and talk to you in sign language .
  26. Autumn K Wilke

    ASL Online Practice Buddy?

    email me at [email protected] I would love to set up a regular time for a group video practice. I have several video chat rooms we could use (Zoom, etc.)
  27. Autumn K Wilke

    Holiday Greeting

    Here is the best translation I have come up with so far if anyone else has thoughts. May it always be the time of year to celebrate culture and difference. Happy holidays from the staff at Grinnell.
  28. Izabel Ramirez

    Hello from ASL2 signer.

    Hey Mina! I feel the exact same way and I also live in Cali! If you haven't found anyone message me!
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