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  2. Hi Megan. There are chat rooms here for use to practice. Though they're not very well populated. There's also Glide. I know of a few ASL practice chat groups on there. Good luck.
  3. Good luck with learning. There are a few websites that could really help. is good. has an actual online curriculum youcan take. ASL Practice is a Facebook group with a Glide group chat that can help you learn. There are a lot of ways to learn.
  4. Hi Betty. Where are you local to? What kind of doctor services do you need?
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Megan. I am 26 years old and I am getting my masters in library and information science. I decided to join this site in hopes of bettering my sign language. I first learned ASL from a friend in college, but he has sadly moved away and I feel like I am losing the skill. I am excited to find someone -or multiple people, you know, the more the merrier- to get signing again. Thanks!
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  7. Hi there! My name is Nicole. I came across a post on my feed a while back that talks about a story of a deaf man ordering at a fast-food chain. The cashier noticed that the man wasn't responding to her questions, so she asked him in ASL if he were hard of hearing. It was to the man's surprise that the cashier knew how to sign. With that, I've been interested in learning ASL for a few months now, but I haven't found a way to properly learn it. I've watched a few videos here and there that taught me how to finger spell, as well as signing some words. I'm looking forward to further my learning my ASL by understanding the gramatical structure and pick up more signs.
  8. Hi my name Betty I was born deaf I trying to deal with drs who do not know how to work with a deaf person so I very hard any help with name of place that deal with deaf people that would be nicw
  9. Hello everyone, I'm going to try this website as a way of learning some ASL for mascot use. I know sounds weird right?! Here's the story- I am sometimes the mascot for my company. The mascot is not allowed to talk, has limitations in mobility (no dunks for this guy), a head that is formed (no movement) and 4 fingered hands. I try to be as expressive as I can with what I've got- hands on cheeks to be shocked, hands on mouth to be surprised, blow kisses, grab the eyeballs high above my head to "hide" them, and lots of dancing. Then the idea occurred to me that I may be able to incorporate some ASL. Downside to this plan- 4 fingers and dexterity is limited. So any positive, encouraging, exciting mascot like language I could use but more of a hand movement. Sorry... this is difficult to explain, but I have the best of intentions.
  10. Hello-- I'm the Curriculum & Instruction Specialist at a school for the deaf and I'm working on developing a unit using "parallel structure" in writing at the high school level. As a bilingual school, we believe it is best to present this concept in ASL first. Does anyone know of any videos (or might be willing to make one) showing a Deaf person using parallel structure in their native language? (In general, parallel structure is when the same pattern is used repeatedly, a good example is the start of Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities. However, it also means agreement with verb usage within a sentence at its simplest form.) A summary of parallel structure in English is available here: Thanks for any info you can provide! -CB
  11. Am earning ASL because of a 6 year old who had own syndrome and is deaf. God has called me to work with him Anne signs... I felt bad cause I have had no idea. Late one night I decided at to be able to communicate.
  12. Harrisburg Area Community College offers a two part non-credit ASL class in the fall. The course description for the two classes are as below. I am taking the Sign Language I class in the fall so I can't really give any information on how good of a class this will be. I'll probably come back and write a review of the course once I've completed it. Sign Language I This course focuses on an overview of American Sign Language (ASL), designed for students with little to no background in ASL. Students will learn basic vocabulary, structure, syntax, grammar and sentence structure... Campus Harrisburg Campus Date(s) Offered 09/14/2017 Cost $149.00 More Information Sign Language II Sign Language II continues using the Signing Naturally (2008) curriculum. Units 4, 5, and 6 will be covered, including family, activities, and residency topics... Campus Harrisburg Campus Date(s) Offered 09/05/2017 Cost $149.00 More Information
  13. I've been using this program for a few weeks. It's been very helpful. The cost is relatively low. It's basically $10 a month to access their content and then you can learn at your own pace. They have 3 different courses with different levels of course work per unit. I'm still on course 1 and I'm only halfway through and I've already learned a lot. It's basically set as a class format. You learn content, do practice modules, watch videos of conversations to try and learn to follow, then take a quiz on that content.
  14. What is the purpose of the ASL Practice Zone? There doesn't seem to be any content there.
  15. I'm learning ASL essentially because of my job. I work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist/CT Tech for a local hospital. It's happened a few times now that I have had some dear or hoh patients and haven't been able to help them without the assistance of a video interpreter or someone from the Easter Seals coming with the patient. I had a patient recently with a cochlear implant who was able to understand me while she had he device on, but with the CT machine and scanning peoples heads, the device has to be detached for the scan. Once that thing came off, I no longer had the ability to communicate my instructions. It was frustrating for me, and I'm sure it was frustrating for my patient. There are other reasons as well. About a year ago I was hanging out with a group of friends. We were at a bar. One of my friend's boyfriend is deaf. Only his b/f and he knew ASL. During the course of the night the two of them got into an argument. At one point my friend, who is hearing started ignoring his b/f. His b/f was frantically signing to him, trying to communicate. We couldn't help because none of us were able to sign. At one point my friend turned his back on his b/f and was talking with us while ignoring his b/f. The rest of us felt awful, but really didn't know what to do because there was no way for us to sign with him to in any way comfort him, or even understand what the argument was about. I also felt as though my friend used our ability to hear as a means of emotional abuse of his b/f. Not cool. I felt like this situation could have had a better outcome if others of us had been able to sign; also, if my friend wasn't a complete dick. So those are my reasons for learning. I don't feel like other people should be prevented from communicating with me because I didn't take the time to learn something challenging.
  16. Good morning, So, my name is Travis. I'm learning ASL through the startasl website for the time being and will be taking ASL classes this fall and next spring. I'm learning ASL to help with my patients. I work for a hospital and have had three interactions recent with deaf or hoh patients that I have had to use a tablet on wheels with a video interpreter. That was a great experience and tool, but it was only valuable while I had the interpreter on the line. Once I got my patient into the room to work with them, I was no longer able to communicate my instructions due to my lack of knowledge of ASL. So I made it a point to try and learn.
  17. Hello. I am joining this site because an ASL forum sounds great, and I have a lot of questions which are difficult to answer. I bet it would also be a great place to practice! I am pretty new to signing. As a young kid I knew some because of my aunt, but that was a while ago. I look forward to meeting and chatting with all of you.
  18. love it i only know some asl so this helped alot thanks soooooooo much i love asl
  19. Hello I am Chalyse and I am learning ASL because I would like to be able to communicate with Deaf/Hearing impaired. I would like for it to become my second language as well. I know my ABCs pretty well although a few letters still get me and I am learning basic words. Nothing is more helpful though then being able to have others who you can communicate with as well and be able to help you better improve.
  20. Hello @Douglas - Thanks for posting! We are still setting up the video recording aspect of this website and there maybe some performance issues for a little while - we hope to get these resolved soon. Thanks for your patience!
  21. Boy, this video did not turn out right. I wonder why?
  22. Hello, My name is Douglas. I have been deaf for 15 years. I do not know any other deaf people where I live. I know lots of signs, but, am not fluent. I sign more pidgin English than ASL. I have joined this site to learn more ASL, get better at signing and meet new people. What exactly happens when you push the video button? do you see a video screen pop up? I wanted to sign what I just typed, but, it didn't look like my camera turned on.
  23.   Communicating with signs in collegiate sports is one thing, but Stony Brook University athletes took it to another level. Nine football players and one track athlete, enrolled in the University's American Sign Language (ASL) class, welcomed Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf students to the Stony Brook football field and campus. Students from Mill Neck visited and communicated with student athletes after football practice, asking questions and learning about what it’s like to be a Division I athlete.  
  24. Hello @Katy12 - welcome! This site is very nearly ready to be launched - all of the features should now be working so please feel free to spread the word. If you can think of anything you would like added to the site please let me know.
  25. Hi, I'm Katy and am 18 years old and love the concept of sign language. I'm in university and want a second language. I am trying to find someone to help me to be fluent in it.
  26. We have been working really hard over the past year to create a site that will be a community hub for people who are learning and who use American Sign Language. The site is pack full of features specifically for ASL users such as the ability to record video directly into posts. Let us know what you think of the site and let us know if we can add any features that you would find useful. I look forward to hearing from you
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