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  2. Hi everyone I need tips and instructions for signs so I could make a short horror movie with sign language because I feel that deaf community needs more attention. Since I know little bit of Emarati sign language and unfortunately they are not helping me to learn so I changed my mind about Emarati sign language So please I need a help and thank you everyone
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  4. hi ive started asl this year in high school and im really good and i look forword to talking and working with each of yall
  5. My name is Brandy. I'm hearing. I've had friends that are deaf. I would like to practice up on my sign language because I just started working with customers again.
  6. I am also hearing. I used to sign when I was younger because I had friends that were deaf. I started working again and would like to and would like to start back practicing my sign language
  7. Hello! My name is Reny, and I am searching for opportunities to practice ASL. I am hearing, and I am learning ASL as an independent study for school. I want to learn this language right, which is hard to do without another pair of eyes, so that is why I'm here. I am a novice in ASL, but I do already know some syntax, a handful of signs, and my alphabet, even if I do stumble a bit. I am looking forward to getting to know this community, and I am hoping I can be of assistance to others, as they are to me.
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  9. You can learn a lot by watching ASL speakers talk to each other. Pick a video and then try to imitate what they are saying and how they are saying it. It is important that there is more than one person in the video so you can see how they react and respond with turn taking. Please post a video that you would like to discuss, and then ask questions about everything. Eventually you will undersrand enough to not need to ask a lot of questions in future videos. Here is an example to the knid of video to study. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRRw15weblc
  10. I am new at learning ASL so I could use the practice
  11. Thanks Lysandor your reply it's very helpful!
  12. Hey everyone, I'm HoH and am a proficient signer. I learned ASL through a community program as well as in college a few years ago. However, over the years my signing skills diminished since there aren't many signers in my family/friend circles or my local community. I hope I can make some friends here and eventually improve my signing skills to where they used to be, and hopefully better. ☺️ - Ryss
  13. Hello! My name is Jessica, and I have been looking for a d/Deaf/ hard-of-hearing person with whom to conduct an interview for an ASL college assignment. I absolutely understand if you prefer not to participate, but it would help me very much! I am so glad to have found this place and hope to use it for further practice with ASL (I am very much a beginner haha). Thank you so much for your consideration! The questions I will ask include as follows. I may want to ask more depending on certain answers or areas of uncertainty. Introduce the person- ( where were they born, what is their
  14. True. Finger spelling is always an option. Or if you are in a conversation with someone deaf or someone who studies ASL, can always ask if your meaning is clear. it never hurts to double check.
  15. top pic: hard to tell because of the lack of context but it looks like she might be signing number 2 and 0 or letter v and o bottom pic: she is signing "INTERPRET" (i think so ) context of a sentence is important because many signs are identical hope this helps
  16. Sara123


    Hi Everyone, I'm a graphics designer and I've been working on these two graphics but I don't know what they all mean, can you help?
  17. I do see the context helping. The reason I was asking is that there are actual explanations I might sign which the context would NOT elucidate, and in which the difference is important. But there are enough technical hurdles in such explanations that I'm unlikely to use just the words "dawn" and "sunrise" even just in English, so the context would clarify. (Did you know there are THREE dawns?)
  18. typically there are many signs that are the same. the difference is in the context of the sentence and how you use/manipulate the sign DAWN and SUNRISE. obviously with english the words are completely different but imply the general same concept. Example using both the sign dawn and sunrise. If this is not clear you can always sign the sign and then finger spell out the word you meant. I wake up when? DAWN vs this morning SUNRISE did you see? Beautiful! notice the difference in the context between both sentences? Hope this helps.
  19. Hello have you use this app before
  20. I was looking up the signs for DAWN and SUNRISE on handspeak.com, and discovered that they appear to be the same. I have two questions: 1) Am I just missing a subtle difference in the signing between those two, or are they really the same? 2) The difference between dawn and sunrise in my every day life is more than academic: I have certain things I have to do between dawn and sunrise. If I want to talk about that part of my my life in ASL, how might I differentiate between the signs for DAWN and SUNRISE?
  21. Hi everybody! My name is Ali. I'm just finishing up Dr. Bill Vicars' ASL 1 portion of his Lifeprint course, and I'm interested in meeting more people who speak ASL (ideally, so I can ask questions and find patient conversation partners). Nice to meet you all!
  22. Getting motivated is difficult but not impossible. To stay motivated is hard especially when a person is stressed out about one of the many things going on in his life. Below are few ways which talks about how to motivate yourself. Starting small if big leads to procrastinating: Breaking a big task into small parts and taking baby steps to achieve it avoid procrastination. Getting motivated from the people in your life: Spending more time with positive people than negative ones, so that their positive energy flow over to you. Playing music makes you energized: Listening to mus
  23. Hello! Is someone available to practice. I am a beginner in Sign Language
  24. listen why don't one of you not just make a comment but give a name. if you understand the naming convention then make your own. tentatively you could want to be called something. then people may approve but communities using this type of reference need to use a point of entry and that would be tribalism as the easiest like gang naming and they could mean how you would belong in a group so find what you do best and you find what people call those and you will then get a variant of the word as a name. this could also generate a list of possible names and it could entail status so look up the va
  25. Hello All!!! My name is Kim, and I am just starting out on my ASL learning journey. I have always been pulled to learn ASL. I am not hearing impaired and do not know anyone personally who is, however I desire to connect with all and ASL I feel is my calling. I desire to learn, advocate and fully immerse my self in the culture in hopes of building true friendships and alliances. Be inspired and inspire! xoxo KIM 💜
  26. That sounds great! I am taking ASL201 right now and I meet for class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but am available the other nights of the week and weekends. Just doing a video chat and signing as we get to know each other is perfect. I too am striving for proficiency so the more we can practice the better. I have some time tomorrow (9-6) or Wednesday evening this coming week. Just let me know.
  27. Hello! Is someone available to practice. I am a beginner in Sign Language and I have a test next Tuesday.
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