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  5. Yeah I could totally help you with fingerspelling!
  6. I would Like to join you guys as well. Im a Design senior in college but this is my first time taking asl.
  7. Hi Rebecca, I would love to practice fingerspelling. Would you be able to once or twice a week?
  8. Hey I sadly do not have any places around me that offer ASL courses but I have been trying to learn ASL online and I would love to have someone to video chat with and to help better understand the language. if you are interested please let me know and maybe we could message in a private chat to figure out the details.
  9. Looking for fingerspelling and ASL practice.
  10. Hello! I'm Rebecca. I'd love to help you practice. I'm in 11th grade but am taking an ASL 2 course at my community college. It's great that you want to be an interpreter! My ASL teacher is an interpreter.
  11. I'd love to video chat with you and practice ASL together! I'm currently taking ASL 2 at my local community college. My teacher is not deaf, but is an ASL interpreter which is super cool.
  12. Hello! My name is Rebecca Rogers. I'm currently an ASL 2 student at my community college and would love to have an ASL buddy to be friends with and practice ASL.
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  14. Greetings everyone. My name is Jessica. I am new here. I made this account to help me learn how to sign. I've been wanting to learn sign language for a while now but never had time. I am currently in nursing school so I personally want to learn sign language so i can connect with the patient I'm working with rather than having a translator. I never know what to say how how to speak to someone who is deaf and i feel bad for that. I want to learn just so they feel important, and that they can communicate with me.
  15. I've been doing ASL for about 5-6 years now. I've always had a heart for people with special needs and disabilities. I'm going to double major in ASL interpretation/translation and Deaf Studies. Could use all the help I could get!
  16. Hi, I have the same problem. I've been studying off and on but I haven't had much success because I have nobody to practice with. I had a teacher a while ago but now I'm trying to teach myself. I'm a mere beginner, however. As long as there is some material we can use to practice, I'm willing to connect
  17. Hey! My name is Jaycee and I am a 9th grader. I need some practice and would love to practice with someone here! I am learning ASL because I would love to be an interpreter or a special education teacher as a profession later in life... My teacher is Dave Soelberg if anyone knows him.
  18. ɰєяє u ѧɞʟє ţo ԀoɰňʟoѧԀ ɢʟıԀє ʏєţ? supєя ċoňνєňıєňţ...
  19. Hey, always up for a good chat just never know when people are on.
  20. Hey my name is tiearra i live in los angeles ca and have been studying asl off and on since 2012. I go to golden west college and am taking asl 2 over, i need a signing buddy to practice with im kind of shy so ive had no success in going to deaf events and talking to people on my own.
  21. suяє! ҡєєp mє upԀѧţєԀ. ţċ.
  22. There is never anyone in the chat room to talk with... is there a time that people show up and I am missing it?
  23. Of course! That's the purpose. Right now probably won't be able, couse is late. But, I sent you a text when I get some time to do so☺
  24. Hello!!! I'll be willing to video chat so long as we are both learning from each other AMD sharpening our ASL skills. 😁... let me know!
  25. Hi hi.. Sara here. I'm taking two classes this semester and both of my professors are Deaf, and they are my first Deaf professors. I'm looking for someone to videochat to just have a conversation with and get some live practicing with!
  26. Hi Abby, I've taken one class in ASL before and I'm taking 2 this semester. I'd love to have live practice with you cause I need it too!
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