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  2. Lysandor

    Hello it's nice to meet you!

    Great practice. We can all help. First little bit of advice. The sign for MAKE in ASL does not work the way it does in English. MAKE in ASL is literally to create something. So for making friends you would want to sign something like FRIENDS ME WANT NEW. You can use MEET, FIND, ACQUIRE. Just not MAKE. Make is an English word that has about 10 different uses in English. In sign, the sign for make is literally to create something.
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  4. MatthewJW

    Does this make sense?

    Dear Gadget Jim, I said, to the word "you inspire me to become a better actor. not only because you dea but because you not afraid to be yourself"
  5. Last week
  6. Hello!  If any one want chat, my Facebook name Casey Cowan.  You can text me on facebook and i will get to you.

  7. GadgetJim57

    Does this make sense?

    I just started learning ASL. I cannot figure out what you are signing. If you post exactly what you signed, that would be helpful.
  8. MatthewJW

    Does this make sense?

    I am meeting a big inspiration of mine soon who is deaf, does this make sense?
  9. One of my favorite songs …. These guys did a great job signing this song !!! >>>
  10. Since no one getting on, I'm going hiking.  I will be back on at approximately 6pm.

  11. I only recently began learning ASL, since April, 2018. I have found the lessons with Meredith very helpful. She also gives a side view, which helps to see the signs from a different angle. >>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsuBAbMlPGJ95w3mwhz-30g
  12. GadgetJim57

    "Through Deaf Eyes"

    History of Sign Language and Deaf Culture …..
  13. Hello everyone!  I am free from 12pm-12am if anyone wants to chat.  Thank you, have a wonderful day!

  14. GadgetJim57


    Welcome. Nice to see you here. I am from California. Weather is hot now.
  15. Stacy Pyka


    Hi. My name is Stacy. I’m living in Saskatchewan Canada. I semi new to ASL. Left side legally deaf almost same on right. I wear hearing aids. Looking for friends to learn n practice with while having great laughs! Nice to meet😊
  16. GadgetJim57

    Hello from California

    Hello … Nice to see you here.
  17. Stacy Pyka

    Hello from California

    I am ASL beginner know some. Legally deaf left n almost right. I wear double hearing aids. Looking for friends,learning and laughs
  18. Stacy Pyka

    Hello from California

    Hello Jim. I’m Stacy from canada
  19. Fucking piece a shit video won't work ugh!  Anyway.  If anyone wants to chat tomorrow at 8 or 9pm tomorrow I will be on here at 8 to 9.  Thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day!

  20. GadgetJim57

    Glide IDs for those interested in practicing

    My Glide name is "cqeovna" (James A).
  21. I started losing hearing last year, but only started learning ASL around the beginning of April, 2018. I have seen too many people lose their hearing, and not know any Sign Language. I do not want to be stuck someday with serious hearing loss, and no communication skills. So, I'm getting a head start with learning ASL ..... I need to connect with people to practice ASL ..... Nobody in my family is interested in learning ASL. I have no personal friends who are deaf.
  22. GadgetJim57

    Hello from California

    Hello from California. My name is Jim.
  23. GadgetJim57

    Hello from California

    Hello everyone … I only recently started learning ASL. Losing hearing in one ear. I need lots of practice …. Looking forward to learning more Sign Language and becoming fluent …..
  24. I have always wanted to learn ASL. I feel like I am missing the opportunity to connect with amazing people by not knowing how to sign. I don't want to miss out on a friend just because we cannot communicate. The world is more fun when you can meet new people
  25. Hello my name is Leani. I want to learn sign and I want to make new friends. I hope my video wasn't too terrible. I am trying to learn sign through signschool.com online but learning through communicating with a language is the best way to learn. It's nice to meet you!
  26. Hi! I am looking for a friend or two to practice with! I don't want to lose my ASL over the summer!
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  28. jntiny

    I am in search of a few new friends to practice ASL with!

    Hi! I tried to record a video response but for some reason it says I don't have a camera on this computer. Same as you I want to continue to practice and improve my skills during the summer. I also need to improve on receptive but my actual signing isn't too bad. Let me know if you'd want to video chat or something! -Jade
  29. Hi I’m looking for a friend who knows or is learning asl to sign with. I have taken asl 1 and 2, and I’m currently working on asl 3.
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