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    Transcript: Hello all! My name is Daron. This video is just to let you all know a bit about me. First, I’m from Virginia. I’m 19 years old. Andright now I’m on an ATV camping trip in West Virginia. Thats all! Thanks 😁
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    @PenrosePirateHey! Welcome to the site! Yeah if you're signing in Canada, you'll likely see different variations of what we use here in America, although that stands true even for different states and counties within the U.S. If you're ever wondering which version of a sign to use, ask around your local Deaf community, and use what they do. Anyway, about how I signed my age, I actually agree it does look weird! It seems odd for a couple reasons, first because I didn't sign "I AM" or "ME" before my age, and that's because I had already signed it once at the beginning of my list of things about me, so it was unnecessary to sign it again. Secondly because I used a version of the sign for "AGE-19" that my local community uses but I've not seen just about anywhere else. Here's a good video that explains signing your age pretty well: For the number itself, I used the first variation shown in this video: And as far as the sign for website, I use the W-W-W version, essentially a W handshape that you bounce twice while moving slightly to the right. The second sign I do in the vid below is "ONLINE" or "INTERNET", just cause it seemed relevant Sorry for the spam, hope this helps!
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    I'm not sure if this is correct, but I use the first version for the noun (ex. there's hope for the future) and the second version for the verb (ex. I hope you have a good day).
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