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    Hello! I'm learning sign language to help me communicate more easily at home and with other hearing impaired people, including my sister and others I hope to meet in the future. I have always been deaf in one ear, but am slowly losing my hearing in my hearing ear as well. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for me to hear, even though I wear hearing aides. I have beginning level skills, having learned from Dr. Bill Vicar's ASL University course (and from his free ASL learning site, Lifeprints.com). I would like to pracice with other beginning level signers OR very patient higher-level signers. I'm excited that this site offers an opportunity for me and others to learn from each other!
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    Hellooo!! My name is Kai. I'm almost 15 & I use he/him pronouns. I am currently looking to make friends & practice buddies - I am learning ASL because I cannot always speak verbally due to my anxiety. I am a beginner, but I'm okay with chatting with anyone (14-16), whether you're a beginner or not! If you want to text me, contact me on zoom please!! I'l reply much faster & much more often than I will on here. (Just add [email protected] as a contact, that's me! I'll respond ASAP :D) BTW, I might host a videochat tonight at 6 PM EST! You'll be welcome to speak in ASL, English, or by using the text option. If you'll only be using ASL, please be prepared to also translate in the chat for people who aren't fluent. ^^;
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    Hi! My name is Jasmine, and I'm 17 years old. I have been studying ASL for a little bit, but didn't retain much. I have been watching Bill Vicars and Meredith ASL trying to learn some more ASL, but I learn better if I have someone to have a conversation with. I would prefer it if you were 15-17 years old, so it would be more relatable for the both of us.
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    Hello Cnen, JamieHonds007, Fia and Angel, Thank you for offering to sign with me! I would love to know how to get in touch with you. I stopped going to this site because I had trouble connecting to people while on it and am still wanting to know how to get in touch with people when they and I are free (i.e. to speak/sign directly to someone!). I will enter each of your pages to see if I can set up a time to pracice signing with you. Look forward to meeting all of you! Cordially, Alison Sattler
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    I'm available to be practice buddies if you'd like.
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    Hi! My name is Alex "Deaf" In America Sign Language. I was Born in Kyrgyzstan when my mom adopted to me then moving in USA in 8 year old. I would love it get know about you and if want learning sign language, i would like be teaching for you also Texting me (616)-216-3230
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    hey! I'm in the exact same boat. I really need to practice or I'm afraid ill loose it all! We can learn together if you want. Do you have Skype? HAHA idk if that was right.
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