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    Hey everyone! I've been learning ASL on and off for about 2 years. I've never taken actual classes, I've just been teaching myself. But I know enough to follow/have a basic conversation. So if anyone wants to practice at any time let me know!
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    Thanks for letting me practice with you. It was a short time, but maybe again on Monday - We will see!
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    If you'd like to learn sign language, I'm here. Just message me anytime. I'm full deaf, in case that's important to you. 😊
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    Hi! I'm looking for practice partners. I consider myself a beginner.
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    Heyy! This is Rylee. I like to make new friends idc hearing or deaf important know sign language so I can meet and video chat also make friends too.
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    I'm here to help.
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    Born deaf, ASL was my first language. Here to help. 🙂
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    Hi, I'm a novelist, and in one of my series, I have a deaf character. Here are a few sentences from my latest book. Could someone confirm that I am describing this ASL correctly? Carly’s eyes also filled with tears, something that rarely happens. One spilled down her cheek. “I’m okay with those photos, but what about you, bro?” I pointed to my chest and slid my hand down, then put the four fingers of my right hand against my chin and pulled them away into the palm of my left: I’m good. My concern is that that's really in PSE (Pidgin Signed English) rather than ASL. That is, with ASL syntax, he would sign "Good I am." What do you think? Many thanks! Al
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    That's great news. Thanks, Jo! I'd like to give you (and others who are reading this) a free copy of the first book in the series. Click here. Thanks again, Al
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    hi new here but question is there a difference between English sign language and ASK. very new to this . I have one interp using English sign language one using ask. and seems different but was just told when adkingvwhy it's so different she said she uses English sign language. when I first started I was told English sign is like slang what people would think ASL would be. I am confused but feel I am waiting alot of time. I'm going blind and must learn and time is alot to me. I have spent several month with a person learning what I was told was asl but I been questioning as my first interp signs different. I know many add more to things but basic words different so I asked why she didn't say next visit she said she's using English sign. so can someine tell me the difference to English sign and true asl. feeling like a fool but she said she an interp she works with special needs and I really didn't look into schooling and all to check out how real but not feeling upset. is there English sign and asl are they different and is English asl kinds the fake asl.?frustrated. I have Elhers Danlos syndrome and lost more hearing in last 3 years. but have been hard hearing since birth but not around anyone who signs or deaf my family never learned and now going blind so I really need to learn but struggling all this at same time fighting my health in no cure illnesses. any suggestions if a start for people who are very new to asl but born hard of hearing but had some now legally deaf. I can pick up some high pitch sounds not words. I read lips and did without realizing as I lost more hearing but now I'm on overload and the headaches if watching people speak trying to figure words I never heard and I'm at a loss in communication and very much struggle learning asl my hands have alot of pain but even trying to learn I struggle with eye hand coordination. I finger smell as I try and learn more words . memory is also issue. do I even dare bring up tty phones I understand I think why most I have met laugh and are like toss it no good just learn asl and do video. most please let me know difference in asl and English sign do I stay with person I'm with or find another. thanks
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    I'm deaf, and ASL is a language I depend on in my daily life. Time is time, there's always a tomorrow. I'm here for you.
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    Does anyone want to join an ASL chat so we can practice words together? I am hearing and a new signer.
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    I am trying to figure out how to practice ASL on this forum. I have never seen anyone in the chat rooms, so I am trying to schedule something as an open invitation for practice.
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    Hi! My name is Alex, Also "Deaf" SIgn Language. Want Helping? If you are interest, and thnak you
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    This is a class to learn some ASL.
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    Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm in a very similar position. I have an ASL practice test tomorrow, and i would love to sign with you for some practice! I've taken two levels of ASL and am hearing, just so you know.
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    This is for people who want to learn more ASL to take some classes.
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    This will be for people who are learning to be with others to help them practice.
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    This is an attempt to get more people online at the same time to hang out and practice ASL! The idea is to organize enough that anytime after 5:00 PM Eastern Time, there will be plenty of signers of varying skill levels online and everyone can get practice in, or just hang out and make friends!
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    Hello someone video chat me please I need help trying to tell my life story
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    hi alanna! i’m looking for a asl practice partner, would you be interested? maybe on facetime or something!
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    hi! My name is stella. i would be happy to chat with you as i am fluent in asl becasue of deaf family/friends. We could set up a time and i will gladly chat with you in the mixed asl chat room.
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