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    Hi all. Not sure if people are still following this chain, but I'm hearing, enrolled in Interpreting courses, and would love to meet more people to chat with. I do work during the day, but would love to see if anyone would be up for chatting. I am available most weekends!
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    Hey everyone! I've been studying ASL for many years now and am absolutely amazed by the beauty of the language. However, I still struggle with the syntax of the language and I'm looking for some help and some chat partners! I do use ASL pretty often, but always feel like my syntax is incorrect and I just can't seem to get the hang of it! So if you can help and or you just want to chat, let me know!
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    Anyone want to practice asl with me now? I am in the beginner room. Im a new hearing signer.
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    Hi not a teen lol but down to chat I took asl in hs for four Years and am kinda re learning
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    My name's Bryan and I am looking for friends. I'm a highschool senior and would love to become an interpreter in the future.
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    Hi, I wouldn't say im new to ASL but taking it more seriously now since I have time due to COVID. I learned ASL a little over 13 years ago but I haven't used it and since I am now older I have the patience to learn more and appreciate everything being taught. Im a terrible finger speller and its hard for me to read them when signed. I want to get more practice if anyone wants to video chat sometime.
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    Hi, everyone! If any of you are available on the weekends, I could chat with you on Zoom. I'm still finding out if my workplace will re-open next week so if they don't, I could do weekdays too.
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    Hi guys! I’d love to practice signing as well!
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    Hello, My name is Alex, "Deaf" in America Sign Language. If you want chatting for learning sign language. I would be love it get know about you, please message to me soon. Text (616)-216-3230 have a great day Sincerely Alex,
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    Hello/ Abby here i need some live practice so if anyone would like to chat just notify me
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