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    This is an attempt to get more people online at the same time to hang out and practice ASL! The idea is to organize enough that anytime after 5:00 PM Eastern Time, there will be plenty of signers of varying skill levels online and everyone can get practice in, or just hang out and make friends!
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    Hi guys! I’d love to practice signing as well!
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    Hello, My name is Alex, "Deaf" in America Sign Language. If you want chatting for learning sign language. I would be love it get know about you, please message to me soon. Text (616)-216-3230 have a great day Sincerely Alex,
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    Hello I'm Alex, Also I'm "Deaf" I would love it teaching for you if you are interested for learning sign language Texting (616)-216-3230 Alex,
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    Hey all, I'm Brie, 32f, from right outside Nashville, TN. I am teaching myself ASL via online classes, books and youtube channels because I have a degenerative hearing loss disorder and I want to have resources for once I can't hear anymore. I don't know any deaf or HoH folks so I'd love to have a practice partner. Thanks y'all!
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    Hi all. Not sure if people are still following this chain, but I'm hearing, enrolled in Interpreting courses, and would love to meet more people to chat with. I do work during the day, but would love to see if anyone would be up for chatting. I am available most weekends!
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    Hi Maya & Grace I'm available on Mondays & Wednesdays 11am. Shoot me your email addresses and I will send you a Zoom. We can learn together. My email is [email protected] If that time doesn't work for you, we can figure out a time.
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    Hi! My name is Maya. I am also currently learning ASL & I would love to practice with you! Feel free to let me know when you're available 🙂
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    This is for people who want to learn more ASL to take some classes.
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    This will be for people who are learning to be with others to help them practice.
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    Hi. I just installed Glide on my phone. I have taken college level ASL 1, 2, 3 and Deaf/HH Culture. Msg me on Glide code GORGZBL so we can practice! I am not proficient just yet but I will get there. Best, Teeny B
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    Hey, I’m Jess! I grew up trying to teach myself pretty much off and on too, but now I’m a year and a half into classes! I desperately need someone to practice with and would love to meet you and chat it up!
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    @Anna Finley and @Brittany Long I'm currently in an ASL class in college and open for practice to help develop/refresh skills!
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    Anyone want to practice asl with me now? I am in the beginner room. Im a new hearing signer.
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    Hi not a teen lol but down to chat I took asl in hs for four Years and am kinda re learning
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    My name's Bryan and I am looking for friends. I'm a highschool senior and would love to become an interpreter in the future.
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    If you'd like to learn sign language, I'm here. Just message me anytime. I'm full deaf, in case that's important to you. 😊
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    Hi! I'm looking for practice partners. I consider myself a beginner.
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    I'm here to help.
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    Hi, I'm a novelist, and in one of my series, I have a deaf character. Here are a few sentences from my latest book. Could someone confirm that I am describing this ASL correctly? Carly’s eyes also filled with tears, something that rarely happens. One spilled down her cheek. “I’m okay with those photos, but what about you, bro?” I pointed to my chest and slid my hand down, then put the four fingers of my right hand against my chin and pulled them away into the palm of my left: I’m good. My concern is that that's really in PSE (Pidgin Signed English) rather than ASL. That is, with ASL syntax, he would sign "Good I am." What do you think? Many thanks! Al
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    That's great news. Thanks, Jo! I'd like to give you (and others who are reading this) a free copy of the first book in the series. Click here. Thanks again, Al
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    Thats awesome! Im interested and curious about what class level do you teach?
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    This is a class to learn some ASL.
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    Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm in a very similar position. I have an ASL practice test tomorrow, and i would love to sign with you for some practice! I've taken two levels of ASL and am hearing, just so you know.
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    I can video-meet tomorrow. you free about 2?
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    I am HH but barely learning sign language. But I would love to chat with you.
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    Like the title says my name is Alan, signed up for this site because I have recently found a passion for languages. I took some Spanish in middle school and I always dreaded it. Since then I have fumbled my way around trying to teach myself several languages including Swedish, French, Nepali, Japanese (not sure if I'll keep up with this one), abit of Sign Language and Braille. I am by no means fluent any of them but would love to push myself to learn even more. I would say I am very much a beginner with signing. I know the alphabet and numbers to 100 but am pretty slow. I know a handful of colors and other random words. If you would like to learn with me that would be awesome.
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    Hi there Alex. Absolutely, getting to actually practice conversational sign rather than just by Youtube would be great. I'd love to see if we can setup a video chat sometime. and same for you, Lauren and Aspenlea. I don't have a Zoom just yet, but got an old Skype account if those platforms are better than the video chat on the site. Let me know your guys' thoughts, and nice to meet you!
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    Hello I'm Alex, Also I'm "Deaf" I would love it teaching for you if you are interested for learning sign language Texting (616)-216-3230 Alex,
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    I am sitting in a chat room while doing the fingerspelling game.. hoping someone will drop in and join me to practice some signing. Also just learning how these posts work. Its not all clear to me yet. Testing to see if this will show up in the right display panel under "posts".
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    Hello/ Abby here i need some live practice so if anyone would like to chat just notify me
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    Hello I am Taylor. I am looking for somone to sign with me. I am a beginner. I have only takien one semester of ASL at the college level. Hope to hear from you all soon.
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    I would love to sign with you, I am also a beginner and need practice.
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    Hi Ashley! I am currently in ASL 2 and am looking for a partner to practice with as well!
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    Hey Ashley, I'd love to be your partner
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    Hello, my name is Thomas. My son is going to college to get his degree for ASL and I thought I would learn signing to talk with him. Always wanted to learn another language and since he wants to "sign" for a career I am hoping to help him achieve it by giving him someone to practice with. Thanks for any and all help this venue wan and will give to me.
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    Hi Claire, I am in ASL 2 and I am having trouble translating a signing video. Do you think you can help me?
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    Hey There! I'm Nick, I'm 24 and live in Washington D.C. I haven't had much practice with sign language but I've enjoyed learning about it and learning new signs for a long time. I'd like to get more involved with it but I don't know anyone else who knows sign language or is interested in learning (so sad). If you want to sign, I'll try to login regularly and we can chat and help each other learn!
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    Hi guys! My name is Alex, I have been studying ASL for a couple of months on my own but have never signed with anyone yet. You either of you ben interested in organising a time to practice?
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    Hi my name is Lisa i live in the united states always looking to practice conversational asl with others.
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    Hi there! My name is Denise and I am also a student learning ASL. I am brand new on this platform so any helpful tips or if you are down to practice, please let me know! Nise
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    Hey! I would love to video chat sometime and practice. I am also trying to learn more and develop my skill. I took a class in college in the past just trying to refresh my memory since it's been a while!
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    Hey everyone! I am new to this site trying to meet new people to help grow my skill in ASL! I took an ASL class in college but am refreshing my memory and would love to be able to practice with people so I can get better. So if anyone would love to meet and can help please let me know!
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    There's a variation on this that you will see sometimes as well where just the thumbs rotate.
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    After speaking with deaf ppl on Facebook, decided itd be a bad idea to have a deaf character without spending a lot of time talking to deaf ppl first. Idk how to delete threads, but yeah, ignore this!
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    I love fS generator. Is there any way to add numbers?
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    hi alanna! i’m looking for a asl practice partner, would you be interested? maybe on facetime or something!
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