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I've been using this program for a few weeks.  It's been very helpful.  The cost is relatively low.  It's basically $10 a month to access their content and then you can learn at your own pace.  They have 3 different courses with different levels of course work per unit.  I'm still on course 1 and I'm only halfway through and I've already learned a lot.  It's basically set as a class format.  You learn content, do practice modules, watch videos of conversations to try and learn to follow, then take a quiz on that content. 

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Agree with above comment.  The site owner (or whatever they are called) is particularly nice.  I had a few glitches in the beginning and she was right there, immediately , to support me in working it out.  I will also say that it is uniquely balanced - deaf, hearing signers, time devoted to vocabulary but equally important, time devoted to ASL grammar.   It probably can't be said enough that it's smart to begin with learning grammar the correct way otherwise people continue on with developmental errors - meaning they take early errors and keep compounding them.  The ASL grammar book is an enjoyable read and I consider it a must.  

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