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  1. Hey man.  I am here!

    Nope, I have a problem posting my video here.  I can post a video to the FORUM, but not here. 


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    2. Angelo


      Yup!  I clicked on the link and it put me to a list of chats.  You were 2nd from the bottom. I clicked it and I ended up here.  

      Is this where you practice signing?


    3. Angelo


      If I am in FORUMS, I click the RED STRIPE (Click here to record video) and it works fine.  

      If I try it here, I get an ERROR

    4. Casey


      okay you were close, click the link again, it's going to take you to another spot.  You will see that list of chats, but look on your far right side and you will see my name in the JOIN ROOM and click that

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