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What does this sign mean?

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Okay, that's very interesting. Do you have any context to add? Signs can have multiple meanings depending on how it's used. Like English...if I asked you to define the word "run", you would need to how that word was being used in a sentence. Same with signs.

So do you know the situation in which the sign is being used?

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Maybe you're not understanding my question. I have some ideas about what it COULD mean but without knowing how it's being used, it's really difficult to give a difinitive answer. 

When this person signs this "word", what else is going on? Does he sign it within a sentence or isolated? What is the topic of conversation when this sign pops up? That's what I mean by context. If there is no context, then I don't know. It's possible it could be a home sign that only he knows the meaning of.

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Bullshit is different. Bullshit= at chest level, dominant 'y' hand (like horns) at non-dom elbow,  non-dom fist (under dom. elbow) opens dramatically. Try it. It's pretty funny.

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