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Hi!  I'm an old guy going deaf, learning to sign with Dr. Bill and my daughter.  Have dropped into chat room during a few things from the calendar, but no one joins, anyway usually practice ASL a little about this time every morning (7 CST).  So thought I'd sign in while practicing, feel free to drop in on me, don't care about your skill level (I'm a slow-signing level 2), age, gender, skin color, hair color, eye color...toenail color...as long as you're patient and kind.

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    • Hi! Name is Mille. I know basic sign, enough to communicate but I'm pretty sure it's not grammatically correct in ASL. I can use your help if you're willing to practice with me.  
    • I'm just starting my sleep and also a slow learner . hope we can help each other  
    • well hello all who reads this. i am new to this. i wanna learn sing. my goal is to coach kids sports who need sign 
    • Hi, Shona! My name is Mea and from my Display Name, I'm a noob! My parents used Sign as a way to teach me to talk when I was younger, but that was way back when! I'm 19 years old, and I am taking ASL 1 through a university in North Carolina. (I don't live in NC, but online learning is lovely!) Just know you're not alone! :)
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