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Assistance with video transcription

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Im in asl 4 and im having a hard time with a video about descriptive classifiers. is there anyone who could take a look at it and help me out. i feel like i have no idea what is being stated and cant contact my teacher for help because shes out of town.    i have to list the objects and the handshape/classifier used. 


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    • You have a right to your language you have a right to your culture but we live in the world now that you cannot hold on to this right to keep it all to yourselves and expect us to figure out a way jump the bridge
    • I haven't read through everything but I can only say having been in interpreters School that the reason we want to practice with deaf people is because we want the ability to learn the speed and the mannerisms that come when that is your native language. Asking someone to practice French in a room full of practicing French speaking people doesn't allow them to speak French fluently
    • Yes! I'm very interested! I would love to have a practice buddy. I am hearing, and I want to have real practices with someone instead of just looking in the mirror while signing XD . I'm a beginner, maybe I can learn a bit from you!
    • HEYA! I'm hearing, but I really wanna become fluent in sign language so I can broaden my circle and to learn more about the deaf community. I know it must be hard out there for those who are deaf in such a pre-dominant hearing environment, and I wanna lighten that load by learning ASL. Whether Deaf, or Hearing... Can we practice together? I'd say I'm a beginner. I know the alphabet, and how to fingerspell. But my speed is lacking. I know some phrases as well. Would love to meet you!
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