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hey i super suck at it but i will say that if you do it slow it can participate with you. i am old though 52 and i am not looking for a girlfriends i was infected with hpv 2 6 12. i also invented alphanumerical sign.

the youtube link is here! it is super easy. one time learn but i generally use the two middle finger now for Y and Z. gg


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    • I'm Simon from the UK. I am interested in finding out about resources for learning asl in the uk. For students travelling to the states. I have found a few things online but was hoping I could join this forum to help and to learn more about asl. Thanks
    • Hi I am Brittany. I have auditory processing issue and selective mutism. I have been learning asl off and on for most of my life. It is a special interest of mine but it is difficult when I dont have anyone to sign with. 
    • Thx  You too
    • Not very big 😅 I'm much better at finger spelling 😂 How about you?
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