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I have an ear infection that has been coming back for 6 months.

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i am learning just in case and i have found important stuff. 

use asl sign fingerspell match game. listed below are the icons to get there with the android app. first then the memory game which is match game. then use this website that we are on for speed sign reading. what i need if anybody is listening is a speed signing program that uses a webcam to learn to sign back to people at high speed ok. that is what i am doing here. also a match to go with videos where you watch and choose a word or phrase in match game form would be good with these features. watch, pick then when you hover both light up with back lighting. then video will play again for viewing again. i am sure this way will teach perfect sign in a very short time.

the asl program with the match game that i used to learn finger sign in 6 hours..JPG

the asl memory icon for match game..JPG

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