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Hello - My name is Alan. I'm a retired counselor living in the Upper Left of the US (aka WA state). I was an interpreter at one time many years ago, left it to raise a family, work 2 jobs and drop off the "sign language" radar for a time. In the past 3 years I have discovered I have a hearing loss. I was diagnosed as hard of hearing and can notice when I wear my hearing aids and when I don't. I am getting back into signing more. My speed and ability to read sign have greatly diminished but I am here to regain that speed and accuracy. Am hoping to develop a greater vocabulary, too. Hope to meet some of you in the forums.

By the way, I am not on any social media of any sort. Due to the nature of the clients I worked with, it was best. I'm not trying to be Mr. Mysterious here, it's just that some of those individuals were not above seeking certain people out. 

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    • i think its great you are designing this game but will there be a big enough market for it? thats something im not sure of. i personally think a really great idea. there are many deaf people who miss out on many things because it isnt designed for a deaf person in mind.
    • Im learning asl because my wife and a few friends are deaf, (2) I am a firefighter and sign language is very handy in a noisy place. I watch closely when meeting some patients and sign to then when i speak to them. if they are deaf it makes it easier for me to pass on information when we are directing traffic at accident scenes. sometimes patients are deaf and i may not know it but it helps us to communicate accurately with other non signers. (3) we have had multiple requests to teach asl in our department so my wife and i are organizing as much information as we can. and (4) it is a lot of fun!
    • Hello out there Im a hearing husband of a deaf wife. Im a retired electrician and safety instructor. while i do know some sigh language this site will help me and some others in our fire department. there are not many deaf people in our community but i have a lot of deaf friends all over we have a heck of a lot of fun and they are quite patient with teaching this fumble fingered old fart that i am. so im very happy to be here!
    • Thanks a million, @tye.is.the.sky , you're a star!
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