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In Portugal we use this website to learn signs and there are several other languages in it, because it's also a translator  https://spreadthesign.com/pt.pt/search/ I remember seeing asl and bsl there too! Do you guys use it? Unfortunately they don't have many resources and can't add all existing signs, but I really like it! It's made by the Deaf Associations here and the University of Porto- Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. There's also a map with signs for places and sentences. Please keep in mind, not all signs have the corresponding translation. For example, deaf people in portugal say: "name mine silvia" and not "my name silvia" they also say "beach I go" instead of "I'm going to beach" therefore the sentence structure is different than asl :( Thank you! I am so happy to find this asl forum I couldn't wait to tell you this until tomorrow! Here it's late 😂 Bye everyone!

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