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Hi! I'm an ASL 4 student in college. I have learned a lot about the cultural rules behind name signs (be they arbitrary or descriptive) but amazingly, even thou I have had four semesters of asl, I have never been given a sign name. I understand that a name sign should be given to you by a deaf person, but my professors and the people I have met at events have never given me one. I don't want to come across as rude so I want to know as much about this subject as possible. So I have a question... Is it considered rude in deaf culture to flat out ask someone to give you a name sign? Is it better to continue to wait to be given one or would it be ok if I asked for one from my professor? (I say my professor because he's more familiar with me so if I were to get a name sign, it makes more sense coming from him rather than someone else). 

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I've been told that a hearing person should never ask for a name sign.  It's rude.  My understanding is that when you have immersed yourself enough in the Deaf community they will decided when it's time to give you a name sign.  And honestly, I would bet it comes from annoyance.  I imagine if you are enough of a part of the local Deaf community that Deaf people will get sick of FS your name and they'll give you a name sign out of personal convenience.

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I have been in ASL for two semesters at college however I have greatly immersed myself into the deaf community. Every professor or deaf person I have met thus far has told me that its completely okay to ask for a name sign and if the deaf person doesn't want to give you a name sign they will decline. I actually received a name sign from someone who didn't really know me too well so when I was more into the community I asked one of the deaf people I knew if they'd give me a different name sign and they happily obliged. I think being hearing poses awkward situations because some things that deaf people do aren't considered rude in their culture even though it may seem rude to us. 

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