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Beginner looking for signing partner

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Hi, I'm Emi, and I know my alphabet, numbers and a few pronouns/colors. I'm looking for a signing partner who is a teen. Thanks!

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I am 16 years old and I am also looking for a sign partner to practice. I have a bit more vocabulary than the alphabet, numbers, and colors, but I am happy to practice with you.

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    • I thought I would use this down time to revisit something that I've always meant to do and found reasons not to. I'm 47 and not very bright but when I was a child I began to learn ASL and over the years of never using the language its almost all but been lost to me. Now i may be on the wrong site and chat however, if anyone is willing to help me relearn I would be very happy. My hours are VERY flexible and my interest is sincere. Let me know
    • Hey, my name is Taylor and I am 17. I am really interested in learning ASL but every time I try I forget what I've learned, so I was hoping I could practice with someone. I'm a beginner. If you are interested please send me an email at [email protected] ( really cringy email name, I know) and we could make a plan to video chat. 
    • Hi I'm Izzy, I'm also 16 and in the beginner/intermediate skill level. I'm interested in practicing my ASL w other people especially because school is out and I don't want to forget everything I've learned. 
    • we could practice together if ya want, i need alot of practice also, im a slow learner
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