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Beginner ASL, want to practice and learn

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Hello my name is Tiffany!

I am a beginner in ASL and in desperate need of a person to sign with. I am wanting to learn sign language because I have always wanted to learn it, I am deaf in my right ear, never had a hearing aid. I'm currently taking ASL 1 at a university, but it's online and I am having a horrible time trying to learn and grasp everything. I am basically a sheet of paper with only a few scribbles jotted down, that is a visual of my knowledge and skills with ASL. 

Looking forward to getting a response from the brave soul, who is willing to sign with me.

Thank you,


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    • You can learn a lot by watching ASL speakers talk to each other. Pick a video and then try to imitate what they are saying and how they are saying it. It is important that there is more than one person in the video so you can see how they react and respond with turn taking. Please post a video that you would like to discuss, and then ask questions about everything. Eventually you will undersrand enough to not need to ask a lot of questions in future videos. Here is an example to the knid of video to study. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hRRw15weblc
    • I am new at learning ASL so I could use the practice 
    • Thanks Lysandor your reply it's very helpful! 
    • Hey everyone, I'm HoH and am a proficient signer. I learned ASL through a community program as well as in college a few years ago. However, over the years my signing skills diminished since there aren't many signers in my family/friend circles or my local community. I hope I can make some friends here and eventually improve my signing skills to where they used to be, and hopefully better. ☺️ - Ryss
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