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Hello! I am in ASL 1 and recently came across a sign I don't know. It is signed by using a five-hand position (open palm) (dominant hand) and the thumb is tapped to the dominant side shoulder.

I'm new to this site and ASL in general so I apologize if my description was a little confusing. Thank you!

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Hi! My name is Alex "Deaf" In America Sign Language. I was Born in Kyrgyzstan  when my mom adopted to me then moving in USA in 8 year old. I would love it get know about you and if want learning sign language, i would like be teaching for you :) also Texting me (616)-216-3230 :)

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    • Hey! im turing 16 in two months id love to be friends as well. 
    • hi y'all! i'm a hearing student learning ASL in a college class and wanted to hone my skills a bit more. if you wanna know a little bit about me, i love music and crafts like knitting and crocheting. i look forward to talking and signing with y'all!
    • Hi All, I'm new to ASL and have been watching YouTube videos with Dr. Bill Vicars and Sign with Meredith. If anyone would like to practice following along the videos with me and reviewing them online, please feel free to get in touch [email protected] I'm available Pacific Time most evenings. If you are new beginner too and want to just practice what you know feel free to reach out...