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    • HI! I started to learn ASL in grade school for my cousin, who is deaf. I did some self teaching and she taught me some. Later in life we realized that she had actually learned a mix of ASL and Signed English. As she started going to a deaf school she was able to correct fairly quickly.  I am still working to correct my signing to ASL. In college I took a placement test and placed straight to ASL 4, when I completed ASL 5 my teacher informed me that my general signing is right on track, however my basics are still very "English". I also took a history of deaf culture class. I had to stop school for a while, and until I can go back my husband and I practice at home from time to time, though he has a very busy schedule, and his signing is very limited. I have also learned some French (4 years), Spanish(2 years) and a little Latin (1 year). When I started signing I learned that I have a knack for languages. Eventually I would like to be an interpreter. I was majoring in ASL interpretation while minoring in French. I now live in a small town that has no ASL groups or classes, unless you are an actual student at the college. The closest one is over an hour away. I am hoping to start up a group in my area. But I am really looking for anyone to practice with. In addition to my husband trying to learn, I am also working on teaching my 2 year old daughter! 
    • I was going to record a video but it was being finicky. I started learning ASL because my cousin is deaf. After starting to learn basics in grade school I learned that I have a small knack for languages. From there I started learning French and Spanish and also took a year of Latin. So I started to be able to communicate with my cousin and am continuing to hopefully be an interpreter. 
    • I have the same goal!  I had to stop going to school but I completed ASL 5 before I stopped. my husband and I still sign around the house a bit to keep it sorta fresh until I can go back. I was majoring in ASL interpretation. I wish you good luck!
    • I am available in a few min around 4?.... I'll be available for about an hr. Have to leave by 5.
    • I'll sign with ya around 5pm when I'm off work. I am a beginner and need the practice.