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    • Hi, I look after my granddaughter two days a week. My granddaughter is two and a half, not speaking or walking. Has had a lot of other issues as well. Hearing was below 30% but recently had tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets put in. Hearing is now about 50% but doctors will test again in six months. About a year ago I go I got the baby sign app with auslan for my phone and she enjoys being able to communicate, but with her parents teaching her new signs that I haven’t learnt yet, it’
    • I have two school aged kids and think it should be the elective language to learn, I mean I know learning Indonesian is important, but I think it would be better if kids could sign to other deaf hearing impaired kids and make them feel included.  It might also help hearing kids understand better about what other kids go through
    • Hi, my name is Ness my daughter has been losing her hearing since she was 2, she is now 13 and we are finding life harder to communicate. I am learning well trying to learn so I can become fluent and communicate with her especially when she dose not have her aids in. my other kids are learning also it is a lot harder when you are isolated and cannot practice.
    • Hello, I'm fairly new to Auslan myself, but I do have a PhD in English, and my view is that 'signing' is the correct verb. The context in which you use the word should ensure it  would be easily distinguished from 'signing' with a pen.
    • Hi, I'm writing a story for school about someone who's deaf and I want to know what are the verbs for talking to someone through sign language? My peers think that saying 'signing' sounds more like singing with a pen. 
    • Hi Everyone I'm Louanne and I'm super new to AUSLAN.  I became deaf in my right ear last year from a sepsis infection after heart surgery.  I have always wanted to learn sign language, and this was just the push I needed. I look forward to 'meeting' you in the forum and learning from those who know more than just A, E, I, O, U and FACE, haha. Cheerio for now, Louanne
    • My name is Caro short for Carolyne. I've just started a 6-week beginners course with Expression Australia, and considering starting the accredited course in July or Feb. I'd like to do some practise via Zoom, although can really only introduce myself and fingerspell at the moment.
    • Hello there My name is Sokrates ( Sok) Ploudias, I am an Accountant in Cranbourne Victoria offering various Taxation and Accounting services.  I have a genuine interest in assisting the Deaf and HoH community and I am Auslan Friendly.  I may be contacted on  Mobile (SMS)  0419 873 073  Email    [email protected] 
    • Hi Christine, I am doing Cert IV atm and am happy to practise with you. 
    • Hi all, just looking for someone to practise with regularly so that i can improve my signing!
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