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    • Better sales record- According to the American Marketing Association, the conversion rate can be increased by at least 20% with the help of live chat. It is an effective tool to increase sales and get more leads.   Live Chat Software
    • I volunteer at a deaf unit once a week and learning Auslan to better communicate with the kids. I love the language but so much to learn and I forget so much !
    • Are your teeth unparalleled? Are you looking for a reliable solution than just braces? If your answer to the above-asked question is yes then you have come to the right place.   We understand what it is like to have unparalleled teeth and the problems that come with it. Having straight teeth does not only give you a good and confident smile but also better digestion, speech support and a smart look or at least it saves you from looking dumb.                It’s a big issue even with the kids and the mature adults as they find metal braces damaging their confidence.   No one wants to look sick with those old fashioned metal braces which are expensive and a bit painful as well in their early stages. Plus, you have to visit the doctor more often for their maintenance. So what's the benefit of wearing them even if you don't want to?   Welcome to the SmileAligner a revolutionary product, using a German technology with its revolutionary invention to help you with your teeth in a revolutionary way. We are the best Orthodontics in Gurgaon. SmileAligner provides the direction to the teeth so that they move in the right way without hurting the gums that’s exactly what braces do but the difference is that SmileAligner is near to invisible.   SmileAligner provides you with the clear aligners which you can wear without any face to face visit to the doctor.   SmileAligner can treat almost any teeth problem whether it’s a crowding, spacing, overbite, overjet, misplaced midline and many more.   You just have to order a set of aligners for you with each aligner to be changed on weekly basis and start wearing those, within the time period of a few weeks to a few months you will see surprising results for sure.
    • being born deaf in right ear, left ear got worse over years, wear hearing aid in left ear, hearing aid does not work in right ear,,,,,30 years ago i saw people signing in the city one day and i found it rather intriguing, thinking i may need that one now at the age of 53 i decided it was time to learn...doctors just want to make me hear, they just dont understand.
    • I sign because my mother taught me when i was very young i fell in love with the language i slowly learned but when i was diagnosed with mild bilateral hearing loss in grade 4 i felt it was necessary to learn more. As i got older i fell in love with the language again but sadly have no one to sign to which has resulted in me not really knowing how to read the language.
    • Hi My name is Olivia and I am 16. I am looking for someone to sign with as no one knows sign around me.
    • A lovely suprise for this couple when they realised that the stewardess on their Philippine Airlines flight could sign! Wouldn't it be wonderful to see more of this kind of inclusion everywhere. Great customer service.
    • Welcome to the AUSLAN boards at! This site is now ready for use.  We are still developing a few of the features so if you spot and problems or mistakes please let us know. We hope you enjoy using the resources.
    • A great feature that we have recently added is the ability to record a video into your post directly from your webcam or mobile device - and it's really easy!

      All you need to do is click on the red icon on the right hand side of the toolbar when you are writing your post.

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