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Introduce yourself to the community by telling us a little bit about yourself and your interest or experience of Australian Sign Language.

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    • Hi,  Just found Auslan forums. Just signed up.  Have been looking for an online place where one would be able to use Auslan via messenger or such other programs as may be suitable.   I know Facebook messenger is so readily available and works so well.  Love to find a place to practice and on the way meet people and make friends.  Have done introductory courses.  Need a place to practice.  My wife has hearing disability. This is why I am seeking to be better at signing.  And, love to be able to contribute.   I am a retired accountant, no stranger to computers.     
    • You might have noticed how every movement and action we commit has a connection with how we are feeling, for example the way we walk shows what our internal state of mind is. Similarly character poses within animation made through animation maker app require an outline to create adept character poses that can represent messages to the viewers without causing them difficulties to gain complex concepts and ideas. Characters with peculiar poses have an identity and individuality of their own which viewers can resonate with more easily and obtain personalized experiences. What do you think is the link between character poses and narratives?
    • My name is Jenny and I have used Key Word Sign for about 25 years and have recently done a lot of Auslan community courses for personal interest as I love learning new signs and I use them a lot when out and about with my kids (all of whom have seen me practising new signs and so they have decided to also partake in community Auslan classes). I also teach Key word Sign in  an Education support Centre.
    • Hi Fiona, It's good to see you here, welcome!
    • Hi everyone On the first Sunday of every month we get together to practice, and just have fun. Any level welcome (and you can bring friends and family too, but it IS Voices Off).  We meet at 3pm on Commonwealth Parade under the Norfolk Pines (that's between the Manly Ferry Wharf, and the old Aquarium).  Please follow our page so you can get live updates.  Hope to see you there!
    • Hi I'm Fiona and I'm learning sign because I was introduced to it when I was 7 and always wanted to learn more.
    • Hi - I'm learning Auslan because it's a beautiful, natural language and also because I have severe hearing loss with a prognosis of profound deafness within the next decade.  Great to have a new place to play and  learn - thanks to the people who have created this site!
    • Hi this is for anyone who needs help with AUSLAN 
    • Hi I am Steph I am 11 and learning how to sign because I cannot hear well can you help me?  
    • Hi Olivia,  I would be happy to sign with you.  I am completing Cert III currently.
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