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Learning Australian Sign Language

Share information, tips, and news about learning AUSLAN.


  1. Why are you learning AUSLAN?

    Why did you decide to learn Sign Language?  Share your AUSLAN story with the community.

  2. What is the AUSLAN sign for:

    Ask the community how to sign a certain word or to translate a sign that you have seen but do not know the meaning for.

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  3. AUSLAN Songs, Stories, & Poems

    Share songs, stories, & poems in Australian Sign Language.

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  4. AUSLAN Practice Zone

    Practice your AUSLAN signing skills here with a short description or story and let other people give you feedback.

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  5. Courses & Classes

    Share tips, information, and stories about your experiences of learning sign language.

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  6. AUSLAN in Schools

    Discuss your thoughts and ideas for learning and using Australian Sign Language in schools.

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