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    • Hi Alison. I'm Hatam. Would you be interested in teaching me Auslan? I'll teach you American Sign Language in return! Thank you.¬† Best, Hatam
    • Hi everyone! My name is Hatam and I'm a PhD student in linguistics in the United States. I've taken 4 semesters in American Sign Language and am pretty confident and fluent in ASL. I'm very interested in learning Auslan so if you're interested too, I'm lloking for someone to practice Auslan with. I'll teach you ASL in return ūüôā¬†Here's my email address: [email protected]¬† Best, Hatam
    • Good idea.¬† I learnt finger spelling in school to talk to friends in class, and as a teacher taught it to students so they can chat without disturbing the class too...Now I am old and going deaf..hearing loss deaf...I am trying to learn Auslan and am finding it difficult... Yes, schools should teach Auslan as an optional subject especially as so many people are deaf or going deaf today...its a huge proportion of the population that are deaf... I tried to sign, but like I said, its
    • Hi Everyone, ¬†My name is Alison. I¬†just started learning AUSLAN Cert II at tafe in Sydney.¬† I was so glad to find this online forum that¬†would help to practice my skills and connect with other learners.¬† I am very excited to¬† get to know you all and¬† work on my AUSLAN skills.¬† Alison¬†
    • What do you think about Auslan being taught in all Australian schools?¬†I think it SHOULD be taught in all Australian schools before¬†other languages because it is an Australian language. If all students learnt Auslan then communication will improve between the Deaf and hearing cultures and more opportunities are likely to become available for the Deaf.¬†
    • Hi Graeme,¬† Good to see¬† you here!
    • Hi,¬† Just found Auslan forums. Just signed up.¬† Have been looking for an online place where one would be able to use¬†Auslan via messenger or such other programs as may be suitable.¬† ¬†I know Facebook messenger is so readily available and works so well.¬† Love to find a place to practice and on the way meet people and make friends.¬† Have done introductory courses.¬† Need a place to¬†practice.¬† My wife has hearing disability. This is why I am seeking to be better at¬†signing.¬†
    • My name is Jenny and I have used Key Word Sign for about 25 years and have recently done a lot of Auslan community courses for personal interest as I love learning new signs and I use them a lot when out and about with my kids (all of whom have seen me practising new signs and so they have decided to also partake in community Auslan classes). I also teach Key word Sign in¬† an Education support Centre.
    • Hi Fiona, It's good to see you here, welcome!
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