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This event began 24/02/21 and repeats every day forever

HEY! Im hosting an event we all can enter. This event is only due to covid so all i want you to do is, below here. On the exact date. TEST EACHOTHER! This is for anyone who wants some help without paying online and just to say hi to the people in the community. If for some reason you cant comment under this go to my last introducuary post and comment under there. There will be a chance for people to ask questions if needed like"whats my BSL name" and things like that. This is just so, like ive stated, we can get to know our community more. Tell them were you live, what's your name, why you started BSL and just Have a nice chat. I hope you enjoy this event thanks!


This event began 12/09/17 and repeats every week on Monday forever

Deafinate Training's BSL1 course starts with the first unit BSL101, this lasts for 10 weeks before moving on to the other units (BSL102 & BSL103, these are both 11 weeks each)
Deafinate Training delivers BSL1 and BSL2 courses, Deaf Awareness and bespoke communication courses
Contact:  [email protected]
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DeafinateTraining


This event began 05/06/17 and repeats every week forever

Sign language  classes., including   aids  to lip reading, disability  awareness..


This event began 13/06/22 and repeats every week on Monday forever

Venue. The Salvation Army Church.  Shakespeare Street. Southport. 
Their Cafe is Available Everyday Check their  website. 
Disabled access and Car Park at Back  FREE
Our Classes are inclusive and  help not only with signing but also lipreading, Deaf and Disability awareness.
We find New technology to assist your needs. i.e. Transcribe For speech to text. etc


This event began 02/06/17 and repeats every week on Friday forever

Sign language  class  . 1pm to 3pm..  The Salvation Army community centre . Shakespeare  Street. Southport.
  Closed for August and December. 

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