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    Hey all, I’m Mariam and new to learning BSL! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and due to lockdown I thought now would be the best time! I work in a school and have been able to pick up some signs along the way. I’m looking forward to going back and using my signs! Hope you are all well.
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    Really great that your using this Time to learn such an important new Skill!
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    Hi my name is Rebecca, I have always wanted to learn sign language, I work in retail and feel it would be a really brilliant skill to help me connect with my customers. I'm loving learning a new skill and have been surprised by how enjoyable I am finding the lessons. Stay safe and take care everyone.
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    Hi everyone, I'm really enjoying the course so far! I work for the ambulance service and recently I've had a number of profoundly deaf patients who I've not really been able to communicate with and its very awkward and I feel like I'm not giving them the same dedication as I do with hearing patients so I wanted to start learning BSL.
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    My name is Molly, last year I completed an Art Degree which led me into contact with a local special needs school. I have presented a few art sessions with a class of mixed disabilities since Spring 2016. I am learning sign language as it is an essential part of communications with this amazing group of children and their teaching team. I have found this course fascinating, informative and compelling me forward to learn more signing. I am looking forward to my next meeting when the lock down is lifted. I would love to work in this area more.
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    Hi I'm Anna and I'm 18 years old. I decided to learn BSL because my a-levels were cancelled and I wanted something to keep my brain busy and I've always wanted to learn sign language but I've never really felt there was the right opportunity (but this lockdown is perfect!) I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe
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