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  1. Hi Adam.

    No worries, I use a file transfer site called wetransfer to send out anything normal emails find too big. So if you can send me your email address through a private on here then I will send all the files tonight if that's ok and if you want can try to explain a  it further

  2. Hi Jackie

    If you would like I have a drive full of BSL helpsheets and videos you can have for reference just let me know and can email it over. With regards to the video chat I can possibly help tomorrow night if interested and go from there? I'm a level 1 and a bit rusty myself so we can help eachother

  3. Hi Adam

    The reasoning behind the different sentence structuring is mainly because there isnt a sign for every word so it had to be broken down into what had been made instead.

    So your examples are correct to the best of my knowledge. If you want I have a drive full of help sheets and videos that I can send over so you have reference to go by.

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