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  1. Hi,

    I'm doing my level 6 in BSL. Would anyone be interested joining a Facebook group to practice?

    I share information or information that may be useful. I finding people aren't around here very often. It's called BSL forum. 

    I'm happy to join any other groups that practice too. 

  2. I've started Level four and I'm enjoying it so much! I feel I'm so much more confident in my receptive than I used to be. My production has got a little bit rusty with Covid. However joining in on the many deaf club events is helping that side of things. I post any event I see on the Facebook group BSL forum and anyone is welcome to join and practice ☺️👍

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  3. Hi,

    I can't remember if I ever introduced myself. I'm at university studying British sign language and deaf studies. I did my level 1&2 about 15 years ago. I redid them at university as I felt very rusty. I'm now almost at the end of my level 3. Just two assesments to be completed that are on temporary hold because of the current situation. 

    Happy to practice with anyone. I know I've put level two or above in the practice but but that was due to having assessments coming up. 

    My passion came from when I was 9 I learnt the alphabet which blew my mind. Then I went to a secondary school with a deaf unit and I became friends with some of the people. We shared the fact we both struggled with communication. I've always felt more accepted by the deaf community and they understand some of my own struggles. I love signing ❤️

  4. Know then point with facial. 

    Have you seen it so you would have to explain what it is. For instance have you seen the beautiful flowers near my house? or  have you seen the new film "title".  It's not clear what it is, or where I might see it. 

  5. At level one I wouldn't worry about it too much. The question does come at the end. So it goes topic and comment or the canonical order is object-subject-verb. 

    Object Being a person or place.

    Subject being person or people

    Verb being the doing action. 

    I know this will probably be difficult to understand but you do go through it in level 2. 

    A good way for me has been watch something like BSL zone where you can see how this happens. 

  6. Hi,

    I'm back after a long break as I lost someone and had to gather myself. I'm looking to practice ideally with a level 2 or above signer. 

    I'm half way through my level 3. 

    Sorry if you replied to my last post or messages me and never heard from me but I hope that now it's been explained why I didn't come back, that anyone sees it wasn't personal. 

    Thank you

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