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  1. I don't have a Facebook account but I can try to make one if you want?
  2. I have Snapchat, Skype and I think WhatsApp works too but I'm not sure. Sorry for the complications
  3. That's why it won't let me, I'm functioning this with my phone so it's not going to work. I don't know what to do now. Is there any other way to practice with you?
  4. 10 is fine. I can't access the video option for some weird reason but I'll try to find a way to communicate.
  5. Whenever you're ready to be honest.
  6. Good morning. Thanks for reaching out to me. I would be grateful for you to help me with learning bsl. Don't worry about being out of practice as this will probably help both of us out, the only problem is how and where to start but I don't think that'll be a big issue. Again thank you for your kindness 😁
  7. Hello I'm Cheyenne, I'm new to learning bsl but I'm really keen on learning it in order to be able to communicate with others without a app translator. Is there anyone who would like to practice with me or able to give me points on where to begin learning with others?
  8. Hey Ellie, It was really nice receiving your message. I'm glad I made you feel at somewhat of ease knowing someone your age wants to learn 😊. I'd love to practice with you also but I have no clue how and where to start so you might take the lead for a bit aha. I hope this message arrives soon and we're able to talk more. Cheyenne x
  9. Hello Jonty, I am also keen on learning bsl but I have no clue when to start. I know no signs and would like to practice with someone so it might be easier to form conversation and correct imperfections. Also congrats on your medical studies Cheyenne~
  10. Hey Ellie / Eliza, I hope your signing journey goes well as well as your education. I'm also in my first year of college and I would like some people to sign with as my college does not have a community for the hard of hearing unfortunately. I hope this does reach you and I'm sending you good wishes Cheyenne x.
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