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  1. Hey Steph, Head nodding/shaking is still a thing in BSl, but you could always combine it with a fist doing the same movements.
  2. Hey, Yes they are When it comes to signs that are the same or similar people rely on the context of the sentence/conversation, as well as the form of the lips, to understand the meaning of the sign.
  3. Hey, Natasha Lamb on YouTube is really easy to understand and kid friendly. They cover happy Birthday in this video from 14:00 on wards
  4. Hey Zoe, I would guess you would use your fingers as the needle and reenact the moments. https://www.signbsl.com/sign/knitting
  5. Hey Arti, Writer/writing are the same. Your secondary hand is flat, your primary hand holding an imagery pen and "writes" over the top. This is also the same sign for Author. However say the word you mean. Hope that makes sense, Laura
  6. Hey, I found this interesting little exact in "The Linguistics of British Sign Language: An Introduction" written 1999 and published by Cambridge University Press, 1999 I would think it's still relevant If Mr/Miss/Mrs is needed to be used- for English reasons - then they would just be finger slept. If trying to decide someone then Woman/man or girl/boy would be the equivalent.
  7. Hey, A different take on the word. According to google a Pandemic means "(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world." So my guess would be Virus + World and since I guess your talking about the coronavirus I would add Corona + Virus + World Same I'm a learner too, just my thought..... (Sign for Coronavirus taken from BBC- Dave the dog is worried about Coronavirus)
  8. Hey Alice, Glad you understood me and thank-you for the reply- could understand it really clearly. here's another if you want And Ellie can't wait to see your introduction video- let us know your favorite animal within it Stay safe, Laura
  9. Hey Alice, Great way to practice! I thought I would reply with a video myself. Stay Safe, Laura
  10. Video quiz 2: Who do I live with? What is their names? What is their hair color? How long have they been married? What do we while we stay in all day?
  11. Hey Dlyan, Sorry a little late but hope you find this-- I have done a script writing course and would suggest they you write all BSL in slandered English but BSL in those parentheticals. so : DAN (BSL) How's it going mate? Make sense?
  12. Hey Emma Love this question- adore musical theater. Would it be Theater sign + Music sign (or maybe Singing sign) At a guess????
  13. Hey Would your response be Work me what receptionist (welcome sign) where Museum ??? As for the Museum sign there seems to be a few options on the BSL Sign Dictionary: https://www.signbsl.com/ They also have one for Portsmouth which is P sign + Mouth sign :)
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