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  1. Hello, I'm learning Australian Sign Language here in Melbourne, Australia. This language is known as Auslan, and is derived from BSL and--I think--mutualy intelligible, or more or less. The alphabet is the same anyway, so I like using the BSL fingerspelling challenge. I'm learning Auslan because I love learning  languages, and can't travel at the moment. There aren't enough Auslan interpreters so that is my goal, although it will take me 4-5 years of study,  at least.

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  2. Hello, I'm in Melbourne, Australia and have been learning Australian Sign Language (Auslan) this year, as I love languages and we had to spend a total of 7 months in lockdown (the last four being total lockdown). Our alphabet is the same as yours, and the two languages are similar, I believe. I find the BSL fingerspelling game on this site very helpful. I'm about to start the accredited Auslan course, but have been having private lessons for a few months, and can now have basic conversations.

  3. Hello, I'm in Australia, and have just started learning Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN), which I believe is mutually intelligible with BSL. Certainly the alphabet is identical. The fingerspelling practice game on this site is really helpful. I'm learning Auslan because I love learning languages. I believe it will take about 3-5 years to become fluent. I'm retired after 35 years teaching, so have plenty of free time. Would be happy to do some practice via Zoom once I improve a little. Here in Melbourne we are 9 hours ahead of the UK.

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