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  1. Hello Julia!

    Nice to meet you! Great signing! It's hard to get used to putting it all together isn't it? But really great job so far, I understood it all! As you can see, I forget all my lip pattern too! Haha!  How far along in the course are you? Speak soon? Take care and stay safe :) 


  2. Hi Julie, 

    That's such a great reason to learn too, well done you on being so proactive with it. Same here too really. I have always wanted to learn BSL and working in a GP surgery I feel it would make us even more inclusive to people who otherwise may not feel as such all the time. I have almost completed the course, yet still feel like such a newbie and getting everything to stick in my head with how things are worded different is something that is taking me a wee bit longer than I would like haha! But I am getting there. I would like to be more active in this community too as I feel it would help with practice. 

    It's nice meet you and keep going with your learning! :)

    P.S. Practice makes perfect, right? 

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  3. Hi Rache,

    I couldn't agree more! I think it would be great if at least the basics were taught in schools. I have always been the same like you too, I definitely feel I've picked/picking up BSL easier than other languages! Though I suppose it helps if you actually WANT to learn it! 🤣

  4. Hello! 


    I'm hoping someone can help me on here and I myself am hoping to be a bit more present in the BSL forum community as, as I am working through the course and getting further on in it, I feel it would be a big help. 

    Anyway, I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on how you would say, "I'm an only child" or "I don't have any brothers or sisters". I'll try and post what I think is the latter in a video here, and if anyone could let me know if it's right or not, I would really appreciate and hopefully I will be able to repay the favour to someone else one day! 


    Thanks in advance! 



  5. Hi Josh, 

    Nice to hear from you. I'm Amy and still making my way through the course at the moment too. Still very much a beginner myself. You're doing well with it and I totally agree, it would be nice to be able to speak to people who are deaf through sign; one of the reasons I'm learning it also and I've always wanted to.

    I'm finding it interesting trying to read people signing and I'm not gonna lie, I had to replay your video a couple of times too. Am I right in thinking you are from...Scotland? I'm not very good at places, definitely need to go over them again! And I think you got your J upside down, but other than that awesome! :)

  6. I have not long completed lesson three but there was a bit that said we had covered it but I couldn't find it anywhere. 


    How do you sign "are you deaf or hearing?" 


    Help would be much appreciated as I feel this is a pretty important phrase!! 😂

    Thanks in advance! 

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  7. Hello!

    My name is Amy and I live in the North West. I have always wanted to learn sign language (sounds so cliché, but true) from a young age. I actually learnt how to fingerspell the alphabet in primary school and I have never forgotten it. I've said to myself for ages that I must try and find a course and also enquired in work (I'm a receptionist in a GP Surgery) but unfortunately due to lockdown that has all been put on hold. So I thought I would try and find a course in the meantime that I could do that would give me a good head start and foundation if work do find me a course to go on too. 

    I've just completed the third assessment and I am loving it! It's everything I wanted it to be! I'm looking forward to completing the course and starting to put it into practice, it's also going to be an amazing tool to help at work too! 

    It would be great to meet some more of you lovely people who are at the beginning of your journey and chat, maybe even make some friends and practice BSL! 

    Hope to hear back from at least someone! 😂 

    Stay safe ✌️


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