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  1. Hi I have a question and I don't know if this is the appropriate place to ask it?

    How do you say 'I have a question?'

    Do you see something like 'Question me have' or 'Me have question'?

    Sorry if its wrong I'm still a beginner.

  2. Hi my name is Jodie and I have been interested in learning sign language for a while. When I first started learning it I was only using free resources, but I fell out of it. But when I began the 'Introducing Sign Language' course it made me learn a lot faster. The reason I'm learning it is because I want to communicate with all different kinds of people. And I might be able to use in my current job or future career. I am also interested in learning other aspects related to sign language like, makaton, sign supported english, etc. I only know some basics so I am not ready to have a proper conversation or record a video of myself doing it. But hopefully soon I can be ready!

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