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  1. I'm trying to learn either a BSL or SSE version of a song (below) I normally use with my (450) primary science pupils.  They know the song in English and, as we're not allowed to sing in class at the moment, I thought it would give an opportunity to teach some signs and raise awareness of BSL in the school.  That said, I am a complete beginner myself and was hoping someone could maybe help or give me advice on ow to go about it.  Thanks. Audrey

    This is the song -

    Plants are growing

    Rivers are flowing

    Birds are flying

    Whales are diving

    It's a world of wonder

    See the stars shine bright

    It's a world of wonder

    Rockets blast up high

    Dark clouds are forming

    Rain is falling

    Lightning is flashing

    Thunder is crashing

    Big gorillas are stomping

    Alligators are chomping

    Bugs are crawling

    Snow is falling

    Science is cool for me and you

    Learning how things work and what they do

    Use your 5 senses everyday

    Observe all around as you work and play

  2. I am a beginner to BSL myself, but have a role i teaching Spanish, etc in our primary school.  I currently teach STEM and often use a songs, particularly with the younger children.  Our Covid guidance at present means we are not allowed to sing and I thought that might give an opportunity to use Sign Supported English to learn some signs for songs we already know instead,  Hope that makes sense.  That said, I'm not really sure where to begin, so wish me luck.

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