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  1. My name is Kaz Davies. I co-own and run a recording studio in Bristol, where I live. I have 3 children (eldest has moved out), a cat and a dog.

    I am also a volunteer at The Hive in Bristol. I am bilingual and I have always found languages very interesting.

    I started teaching myself BSL with videos online around April 2020. Though I have picked up bits of ASL & BSL when I was younger from friends, film and tv.

    I finally registered for a BSL course this month and I am enjoying it very much! 

    I have already tried some with my sister-in-law who has learning difficulties and she and her carer were very encouraging!

    My husband also has otosclerosis in his family. He has the early signs and I believe that it is the right time to begin learning BSL for all of us in the family. Especially as I am also quite a slow learner but so far, so good!

    I wish all the other newbies good luck with their course and assessments!


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