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  1. So... necessary editing, good video for us newbies
  2. It is a grower and the words sink in better, it is good that they flash up on the screen
  3. Hi all, let me test your reception skills, I am quite slow, so it should be easy.
  4. commanding hands .. relaxing background music
  5. This lady is a bit neurotic, but knows the appropriate signs, must have spent days on that unnecessary editing.
  6. I am learning too 🙂
  7. this one is not what you asked, but is informative Also Charlie Raine, ... and the online dictionary..... good if you have a duvet day, better than a box set
  8. stop, that is universal
  9. Hi Adam, Do you watch sign zone at all? https://www.bslzone.co.uk/watch/summer-in-lockdown Kieran
  10. I am also looking for a course for myself https://learnsignlanguage.co.uk/courses/bsl-storytelling-of-real-life-situations-level-1/ This is course material, not face to face tutoring. There is an option for groups, but I am not sure of the pricing.
  11. Hi, Level 1 with british-sign.co.uk £2.50 x 6 or Signature.org.uk, I hope that helps,
  12. Are you interested in the use of BSL on TV? Posted on 11th March 2021 Now for something a bit different! Heriot-Watt University is holding a webinar, Exploring BSL on TV, including a presentation about the use of creative BSL in our sitcom, Small World! Sounds interesting! There will also be a presentation about serious BSL on TV, in weather and news programmes, plus a panel discussion. The webinar will be in BSL, with interpretation into International Sign and English (voiceover and captions). It will be held from 3-5pm on Wednesday 28th April. Click on the li
  13. You are welcome Michael. The CD is Nursery Rhymes Vol.1 Disney Music on Walt Disney Records Kieran
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