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  1. noun adjective verb adverb The new reactor is very powerful. This shop is much more cleaner. He ran quickly. She spoke softly. He plays the flute calmly
  2. What sign language(s) do you use? Irish spelling, which I prefer to BSL because it is more elegant and also forms words in BSL, for example 10, (ten) can be expressed with an Irish 't' and is unambiguous to waving 5 fingers which can mean 5th, or 5O'clock. But then context should always be defined first Do you sometimes struggle to communicate with people that don’t know sign language? How do you usually overcome this? How often do you often encounter signs that you don’t know? How often do you experience that you use different signs than other people that use the sa
  3. 'Old Mc Donnald Had a farm eieio' made me remember. And practice, lots of practice
  4. if you want to meet in the chat room, let me know
  5. Hi Terry, Please sign you introduction as best you can. Regards
  6. the finger spelling is the same and a lot of the words are the same
  7. Hi, Simon, I recorded a few songs, learning more signs and gestures each time I record, is it possible to delete the earlier videos, it does not matter too much, just with other users using them to learn. I know you are not a video editing service. Thank you for all you work on the site. Kieran
  8. Hi I hope you have followed the Online Course link from this site.... Me, I just like learning new things I wish you and your grandson good health Words: 1. Learn 2. Wish 3. Course 4. Website 5. New 6. Grandson 7. Health
  9. Translation Hi, My name is Miss Restloss. Relaxing .....something something something... home sleep room something ... death.... room.... white .... apple.... why ... name ... different .... something something ... something something ..... learn .... who .... My BSL story... I work where? WHA clean HAWKSHEAD I welcome something evening who deaf (you need to negate or affirm ) something something friend love word welcome I relax wrong I red ...... community ... I am able to make friends in a community. Please enunciate a little I am finding this difficult
  10. quoting form visitwales.com Aberystwyth, meaning the mouth of the river Ystwyth, and commonly and colloquially known simply as ‘Aber’.
  11. What is Aberystwyth famous for?
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