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  1. Thank you, everyone! That's what I've been doing so it was nice to see at least my fingerspelling was correct! Thank you.
  2. I live in Chester, the location. Does anyone know if there is a sign for the city's name?
  3. I kind of hate the idea that in a situation, the only gap between someone being able to get help - or even just have a chat with someone - is my own ignorance and unwillingness to learn a language that thousands of people can communicate in. So I want to learn! Simples. *squeak*
  4. Hello, shwmae, hallo, 안녕하세요! My name is Stephanie, I'm a 28-year-old Welsh disabled & autistic student from Chester, UK, and I'm currently going through the BSL course. I'm studying Art History at the Open University at the moment at Masters level, as well as studying a Korean course with the KCCUK, studying German and Welsh on my own time with Duolingo and hoping to pick up KSL. I also hope to pick up violin, drums, singing, and a bit of ballet if the body permits, because why not have a try? Can't wait to communicate with everyone here along my BSL journey.
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