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    • Hiya,  I'm Claire, I'm 23 and a student in Liverpool. I'm learning sign language because I've always worked in customer service and think it's a valuable skill to take into a workplace, to give as many customers as possible a positive experience when interacting. With all this COVID stuff I'm not able to work at the minute so thought what better time to learn! 
    • hello my name is  Carly , i decided to do the British sign language course because i have  always wanted to do it but never got around to it. I work in a school as a teaching assistant so would like to learn this in my setting and also have a friend  who has just completed it so will be good to have a practise partner. 
    • I have recently starting the online training course to gain more knowledge and understanding of sigh language. I work within a SEN school where signing is used a lot but I wanted to learn more and brush up on signs I already knew.
    • Hi everyone. I'm grace and i wanted to learn BSL because i had the option to do so in school. one of my friends is partially deaf and i felt it would be good to learn in case he needs help with anything.
    • Hi, I’m Chelsea 20 years old and work in early years. In my nursery we have been using makaton for about a year but just simple signs. I’ve had a key child with hearing problems and would like to learn more 
    • Hiya everyone :) I'm Carys and I decided to learn BSL because I think it's very interesting, I also want to maybe help people in the future and I just think it's a very useful skill to have. I'm enjoying it so far!
    • hello everyone , Hi my name is Evan I am 11 and i found out about sign language last year and I wanted to know how to do it and this year my mom signed me up for BSL. I was so happy😃👍🏻. I really wanted to help others with sign language so when I learn more I will be helping my friends and family.
    • Hello everyone My name is Kimberley I am 29 years old and I have a husband who I have been with for 12 years, a son who is 9, a daughter who is 6 and i foster my nephew who is 10 and lives with us. I have a massive interest in BSL i find it fascinating there is a language without speech I think it's so clever and I've always wanted to learn. I have done makaton previously and taught my self some BSL when I was around 12 on YouTube. My mum has no hearing in one of her ears as does my dad so
    • Beginner to BSL  Final year occupational therapy student 
    • I am doing level 1 on line and could do with some practice.  Please e mail me at [email protected] and we can arrange to meet in the video room. th thanks  
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