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    • Hello everyone, Sorry if it seems like I’m spamming the forum tonight. I’m very new to this so have a lot of questions. Has anyone used the Signature BSL Homework? I’ve recently signed up and it seems to be a really good resource. Is there a guide or something to find out how to make the best use of it? Thanks a lot
    • Thanks for your reply Tals. Here is the link: https://www.british-sign.co.uk/learn-online-british-sign-language-course/
    • Teacher and London aren't quite right. Everything else was really good. The more you practice, the more it comes. Well done 👍
    • I've not heard of it. Could you post a link and I could look at it for you
    • Hi all. I hope everyone is safe and well. This question has probably been asked countless times on this forum. I’ve recntly completed a 10 week course throug my local university in BSL, working towards the level 1 qualification. The course finished a few weeks ago, and am looking for ways to consolidate and develop my knowledge before taking the Signature level 1 exam when I feel ready. I’ve noticed that there is an online course ran by British Sign. Would anyone recommend this course
    • Hello all, I am Sarah and i am learning BSL as a few years ago I had an operation to make me a new eardrum following a perforation. Over time the tinnitus has got so bad and the hearing loss has become more pronounced. My other war has countless ear infections and is becoming damaged so i,m going to need a way to continue communicating. I work in retail so this will definitely be useful. I am incredibly slow but it will get there.
    • hello my name is Sarah and I starting learning BSL yesterday. I,m doing ok but yet to put it into practice! 
    • Hi Mark, Sorry for delayed response, yes tomorrow (tuesday) at 3:30 would be great if you can still make it
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