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Introducing ME!

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Good Evening all.

Call me FearOfButteflies or Zoe :)

I'm a KS3/4 Science teacher from England. I signed up to this 2 days ago due to the corona virus and being home working. I have always wanted to learn sign language and feel it will benefit me as a teacher in so many ways! I am 22years old and love learning new exciting things. I am a keen gardener and do lots of home work in agriculture, home growing and farming. I own 1 Doberman called Indy, 1 cat called Tilly, 2 guinea pigs called Peanut and Flora, a newt called Toothless and my sister has a Pygmy goat called Freddy!

Odd facts about me:

1. I have lepidopteraphobia!! 

2. I also have masclaphobia.

3. I am peanut butter obsessed (meridian only!) I eat about 3kg a week on 2 slices of bread with sliced apple :P Don't knock it till you've tried it...

4. As much as I love peanut butter... I hate peanuts... in fact all nuts!!

5. My first holiday was a 3 months trip to Australia 2 years ago in which i planned it all on my own, brought my first passport and flew on my own. This was my first time abroad, on a plane, at an airport and i didn't tell anyone I was leaving until 3 weeks before I left!

6. I am a graduate sports therapist with a 2:1 degree in sports therapy. 

7. I read a book every 2 days.. James Patterson only!! and if i run out perhaps Tess Gerritson.

8. Favourite animals are Giraffes and Flamingoes! 

9. I used to play football as a child and even represented Hampshire playing at St Marys stadium with the Southampton football team. I was even in the paper on numerous occassions and travelled around the county playing numerous tournaments. 

10. I am an Aunty to 5 (half brother) and am SOON TO BE a full aunt in October (sister) :D

It would be great to meet some others who are in similar situations to me :)

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Hi! I am Sam and have wanted to learn BSL for years.  Having worked in Health & Social Care for the past 20 years, I now work within Community Development. On a day to day basis I meet lots of different people and with the benefits of volunteering and being more connected within your community filly accepted and promoted more and more often I find myself working alongside people with additional needs who may benefit from my ability to communicate with them using BSL.

I currently live in Scotland with my 2 children (9 & 13) and partner and as part of our home learning myself and children decided to take the opportunity to learn a new skill. Some 15 years ago I learnt makaton when working alongside people who used alternative methods of communication such as Picture Exchangr Communication Systems (PECS), talking mats, talkers and makaton. So far I have worked through the first three sections and have been amazed at how much of my previous learning I remember and keen to learn more!

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    • Hi, my name is Emma and I decided to start the BSL introducing sign language course this summer. I believe everyone has the right to communicate and as an aspiring solicitor I would love to be able to assist all the clients I may have in the future. This course means I will have a better chance of being able to advise clients who may be hard of hearing or have complete hearing loss. 
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    • Sign is always something that I have been very much interested in... I am really enjoying the learning and only wish that I had started it sooner. I feel that it is so important that we are inclusive and I would love to be able to have some of the skills to communicate on another level...
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