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Why am I learning BSL.


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Hi all, I am Clair and I am learning BSL to help me with my job. I work in a secondary school and the majority of children/teenagers communicate using BSL. I have been there for about 3 months and have managed to get by with the help of other people. I figured that given the current climate, now would be the perfect time to study BSL as I have more time to devote to it and it would make me less dependant on other people at work. I am really enjoying it so far and looking forward to putting my new skills to use when I am in work.

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Hi Clair, I am also a Teaching Assistant but in a Primary School setting. I have started to learn as it is something I have wanted to try for a longtime now. I have worked with children using Makaton for a while now and am looking at BSL as a way to enhance and broadening  my horizons as I would like to work with SEN children of all ages. I am also doing it along side my Daughter who is learning for her Bronze D of E.

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    • Hello  I have been a support worker for almost 11 years never had any clients using BSL, but since joining my new company we have 3 clients that use BSL. I thought it would be a great time, very useful and interesting to learn BSL now.  The couple that i visit are very happy that i am learning BSL and show me some new signs for words. 
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