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Why am I learning BSL?

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When I was in Secondary school a friend of mine (hearing) taught me how to finger spell, we of course used this to chat while the teacher was without getting noticed.

I have always wanted to continue developing my sign language learning, and recently qualified as a teacher. Now seems as good a time as any to take advantage of the time I have to begin the journey properly.

I could write all about the inequality the deaf community experiences and the need to make BSL part of the National curriculum which are both true. But I know very little about the deaf community and to advocate on their part at this time would feel pompous and uneducated on my part.

Ultimately I want to learn more about the language and the community because I love to learn, and knowing I can meet, communicate and make friends with new people on a level they might find more comfortable makes me happy. 

So I am learning for the love of learning and developing and getting to know others.



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