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Hi I'm Molly,

I've been learning bsl for about a year and a half now through my universities Sign language society and wanted to learn through some more official channels and broaden my sign.

Love to practice as much as i can and would love to work with deaf student in theatre one day :)

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    • Hi, me  too. I am 21 would love to have a practice buddy!  
    • Hi,   I've just started the BSL course. It's something i have been interested in for sometime after taking part in a baby sign language course when my eldest was a baby. I'm now on a teacher training course and thought this would be an amazing thing to do. I've really enjoyed the first couple of stages and have been showing my husband the different signs I've been learning!
    • One of the main reasons I'm learning BSL is because of my work, but its more personal to me than that. I became a swimming teacher a few years ago and then began diversifying into swimming lessons for disabled people, I've always been passionate about inclusion in sport and swimming especially and one of our regulars is Deaf, I wanted to be able to understand and talk in BSL with her. A fair few years ago I started watching a few Deaf youtubers, I learnt a lot more about the Deaf community and wanted to expand on my knowledge so I asked my workplace to put me on any courses that came up. 
    • Hi! I've started the BSL through work and honestly I've been enjoying it a lot too. Glad to hear you've been enjoying the course! 
    • Thankyou for your advice sarah
    • Hi everyone, I have just started the BSL course. We have a project time on my uni course so thought this would be an ideal time to learn a little bit if BSL as I have wanted to learn for a while. Really enjoyed what I have done so far!!
    • 👋 everyone, I have just started learning sign, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time, I have some friends who are deaf and I always feel I should try harder to learn the language to chat with them and have longer and better conversations, however due to my ignorance/laziness I have never got round to it.  Well now I have just enrolled onto the BSL course and I am enjoying it very much, I honestly wish I had done it a long time ago. 👍 
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