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Hi all,


I'm a Dental Hygienist/Therapist looking to promote deaf awareness week in the Dental community.

As a dental professional, I  like to engage and communicate well with my patients to help them feel at ease and reduce any anxiety during dental treatments. I am doing a BSL course currently, however I'd like to learn some basic "dental" words and/or phrases to post on social media to raise deaf awareness with colleagues and other dental professionals.

If anyone can help me, please reply :)

I'm looking for words such as: open, close, stop, xray, rinse, spit, please sit, bite. 


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17 hours ago, Kieran said:

This lady is a bit neurotic, but knows the appropriate signs, must have spent days on that unnecessary editing. 

It is a grower and the words sink in better, it is good that they flash up on the screen

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