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Anyone involved in using sign language for science communication?

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Hi SLF, 

I am a beginer at BSL and am interested to find orther BSL users that are interesting in talking about Science! 

I am just about to start my DPhil at the University of Oxford and I would love to see BSL used in Science communication! 

Thank you all! 


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Hi, I'm currently a 3rd year medical student - I've been able to get involved with some 'sciency' research, so would be interesting to talk/practice BSL in that regard.

I always look to & enjoy meeting people in a similar field/common interests

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I'm about to start as a Child/Mental Health Nurse and already have a degree in Psychology and Counselling. I'm studying this for a few reasons; to help in my future placements as a nurse, to help my husband learn as he's losing his hearing and to help my daughter who is autistic and struggles with facial social cues.

BSL has been proven to help with autistic's language learning (spoken and non-spoken) whether they be verbal or non-verbal, that's probably the main reason I'm here.

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