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Hello, introducing myself through sign

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hello, My names merrie and I'm from London, I hope that was signed ok. really enjoying the course so far and I cant wait to improve.


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Hello, my name is Natalie and I'm from Liverpool, I am 29 years old. Hopefully I signed that correctly.

I really had to think about what i was doing then. Its not as easy as people may think. Im really enjoying the course so far and look forward to practicing more and improving.

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Hello, my name is Jess and I live in South London. 

I'm really enjoying the course so far, it's interesting and really fun to learn the associations of certain signs!

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So fun to see everyones responses, I think i understood most of it. here you can see me getting confused with my hands trying to sign "friends" haha


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    • Great! Same feeling haha I went back to check I knew the sign for 'how' and turns out I'd gotten it wrong... do you want to send me an email and we can connect via zoom or something? [email protected] (work email but want to connect my BSL learning to this email)
    • Hi Rachel, I would be interested in doing this! I want to make sure I actually know and can use the words I have learnt! Ellie
    • Hi everyone! I’m very new so just starting to learn all of the signs, but I wonder if anyone would like to have a regular meet maybe once a week to have a little practice is the signs we’ve learned? Thanks ☺️
    • Hi, I'm Hayley. I am a student midwife. I decided to learn sign language so I can communicate with women and their families that use sign. Communication is a key part of my role and I felt being able to communicate through sign would benefit my practice and hopefully the experience of women and families i meet in the future. 😊
    • Hi Jeanie,  I started this course for the exact same reason, in a second year placement there was a boy in the class who was profoundly deaf and so communicating with him was a major barrier, he was my motivation to do this course. How long have you been teaching for? I would be really interested to hear how teaching sign to your children goes. what year group do you teach? I'm an NQT without a post yet. I really want to intro sign to phonics lessons when children are learning their sounds.
    • My partners almost 3 years old grandson has just been diagnosed as severely disabled, I don't know the ins and outs yet but basically he will never speak beyond basic sounds. His hearing at present seems to be unaffected. I introduced the family to baby sign last year when I met my partner and he'd told me about some of his grandsons issues, he's picked up a few signs. My question is where do we go from here? Is there a course to learn Makaton or should we go straight into BSL? Th
    • Hello! I'm also a London librarian, so nice to 'meet' you! I signed up to this course, as I did BSL (Grade 1) years ago, and wanted to brush up my skills.
    • Hello! I'm just wondering how to describe the decades in which people were born? If I was born in the 1980s or 80s, how would I sign that? Also, when describing when things happened, how would you sign the year? For anything really old, like the 1800s, how would you sign that time period? I've been practicing my numbers and currency, but haven't come across how to sign decades and periods. Thanks, Gabi
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