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I am a hearing student, who aspires to become a doctor, I have been thinking how poor it is that Medics are not expected to be able to speak at least a basic level of sign. I am learning it because it will make me a more empathetic and caring doctor, more able to effectivley communicate with  those around me in sign if they so choose.

Hospitals are scary places and if someone can communicate with you even a bit to help you feel comfortable I think that is really important. I think it is a skill that I will teach my family and children one day too.

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    • https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=in+my+place+coldplay+bsl+signed   Noel is signing what I recognise as 'include and live' instead of 'in' and 'place'.... so frustrating
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    • Hi, I'm Neil. I started to learn BSL as part of my volunteering as a disabled ski instructor, when one of my skiers lost her hearing. With Covid etc, I've not really progressed with all our voluntary activities stopped. To keep my sanity I started writing short stories and I want to enter a summer competition with a romance I have had in mind. The main character is a deaf lady Isla, who has had an admirer all her life, who has now returned from university and travelling to muster up the courage to actually talk with her. I have him learning basic BSL. My idea is for him to learn as they chat, through signing and a few adventures. But I need help with the sentence structure of the signing part. The hope is to have some humour with it as part of the romance and how the hero teaches his family to also sign, so our heroine can be included.. It will only be a short story, so it shouldn't take too much time... Hopefully if anyone can help with signs that are similar, that during learning and practicing BSL that can inject a little more humour and mishap into the story then all the better. Thanks. Stay Safe everyone. Neil
    • When you pop back in, send me a message - I need help with a romance story I am writing... I need help with sentence structure and syntax when signing from my deaf heroine to her hearing hero...
    • I've always been interested in learning BSL but never had the opportunity. I work for my local library where we have a Deaf customer and we currently communicate through gestures and notes for more complicated things. My work has let me learn BSL during work hours as part of my training and development to better support our customer and hopefully in the future I'll be able to sign at our library story times and make them more inclusive
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